Monday Quote: Beat Of The Universe

“Make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe.”

This quote always reminds me to be aware of the balance in my life. Balance for me is dependent upon everything that exists around me — the people I interact with, my job, life at home, and my overall well being. I think it’s important to try and maintain a happy medium in all of those aspects. I think making your heartbeat match the beat of the universe is like walking down a straight path. There are bumps, but you’ll always find your way back to going straight.

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  1. I would say that matching your heartbeat to the beat of the universe has nothing to do with everything that surrounds you. It’s dealing with your past and letting go to be free in the moment. It’s what goes on inside of you that matters, nothing else. If you are so focused on what’s happening outside of yourself, I’d say you’ve lost yourself.

  2. this quote really touches on what I’ve been dealing with lately and probably reason # 4378438927 why I love this blog <3 but I also like what Daria had to say. definitely a lot to think about. keep being inspiring

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