Office Style: Girls and Boys

The cool thing about plaid is that everyone – girls and guys – love it.  For a special edition of office style this week, we looked around the office for both parties that were dressed in the trend. From sporty and casual to classic and edgy, our FP girls and guys paired up to showcase how they style plaid.  It’s cool to see how both genders can wear similar prints, but style them in completely different ways. Have a look!

red and black plaid detail

For an edgier look, these two stuck to pairing darker colors with red and black plaids.

red and blue plaid

These two incorporated red and blue checks with light washed denim for relaxed and casual looks.

shoe detail shot

sporty plaid looks

sneaker detail shots

Wearing sneakers with their blue-hued plaids, this duo was looking very sporty!

plaid outfits and a dog

Lightweight plaid shirts like these are perfect for classic layering underneath jackets and sweaters.

detail shot with dog

Dillinger wanted to be a part of the fun!

green and black plaid

This green and black plaid shirt coordinated well with our black and white Plaid Crinkle Trouser.

close up plaid detail

What are your favorite looks?

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  1. I love them all, but could you please tell me where the girl in the red and black checkered dress got her AMAZING shoes?

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