Office Style: Gone Grunge

We’re loving the Girl Gone Grunge trend that’s on our homepage right now, and it seems like all of the girls were picking up on it around the office! I noticed many styles that were inspired by that 90’s grunge vibe, from dark florals paired with heavy accessories to graphic tees and beanies. Check out how our girls were looking in this week’s office style!

grunge office style 10

grunge office style 1

grunge office style 2

grunge office style 3

Throwing on a beanie and some thigh highs can add a touch of grunge to any outfit!

grunge office style 4

grunge office style 5

grunge office style 6

grunge office style 7

grunge office style 8

I’m obsessed with these buckle boots! They look just right paired with floral and lace up top.

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  1. Last time I checked Tupac has nothing to do with grunge… No offense to anyone but mixing a bunch of random things together does not make one grunge it makes you look sloppy

  2. Hello! I am just curios, but I live in York, PA about an hour and a half from Philly, and I have always wanted to take a tour of the home office–considering I am OBSESSED with Free People and the beauty that goes on there. I am just wondering if that ever would be a possibility, and who I should talk to? Thank you so much!

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