Scenes From The Office

Happy Friday everybody! This week was filled with talk about the upcoming holiday months…this is a busy and exciting time of year for us.  Here are a few snaps I collected in the midst of all the hustle!

flowers on desk

Floral overflow.

crochet stones

Crochet stones.

girls at meeting table

Meeting in the second floor lobby.

wood cork board

How cool is this cork board? An old employee collected wood during a bike trip through Brazil and handcrafted it himself!

styling form

Our visual manager styling a form in the latest trend.

pretty flowers on desk

Display flowers.

vintage clothes on rack

Rolling rack filled with vintage.

nail painting break

Nail painting break :).

walking through the hall

Have a great weekend!

More scenes from the office.

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  1. Your office is a breathe of fresh air. I love the nature, the colors, the creativity and even the freedom of being about to stop and paint your nails. This is inspiration on the type of company culture that is important to me.

  2. I always love seeing the “Scenes From The Office” post. It makes me wish that I worked there so much. I wish you guys would bring back “Saturday DO:” & “Store Display” post.

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