Happy Labor Day! Make An End Of Summer Bucket List

Happy Labor Day, everyone! We’ve been working hard all year, so take the time to relax and really experience summer for all that it has to offer. The season is coming to a close, so we wanted to share our summer bucket list to inspire you to make the most of these last few summer days.


Take a mini road trip

Hop in the car, bring along a few friends, and drive to some place you’ve never been before. Break at the little towns in between your starting point and final destination, and try to make a memory at each stop you take. This is the¬†perfect time for endless driving, so pop in the mix tape your summer fling made for you and drive into the night.

fly a kite

Fly a kite 

Flying a kite is the perfect summertime activity. It can bring back all the memories of when you were a little kid, running around, trying to figure out which way the wind would blow so it could catch your kite at the perfect moment and make it take flight.


Wear your bathing suit three more times

Try to find an excuse to wear your bathing suit at least three more times before the summer is over. Go to the beach, swim in a lake or find a friend with a boat and soak up the sun while you still can.

your favorite people

Spend an entire day with your favorite people

Call up your crew and make plans to spend an entire day with each other. Start in the morning at your favorite cafe, hit up all your favorite markets and shops, and end the night by dancing under the stars.

summer closing image

What’s on your summer bucket list? We would love to hear!

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8 years ago

I like your list better than mine! Mine is a little more utilitarian. Check it out at http://nataliesnotes.com/2013/10/02/summer-bucket-list-2013-part-ii/.
Thanks, Natalie