3 Wood Burning Ideas

I always love to add a special hand-touch to the items I own, whether it’s my clothing, accessories, or home décor items. I’ve always thought that wood burning would be a cool and fun way to do this, and I finally tried it! I used this decorative technique three different ways, and now I can’t stop. Read on to see what I made – and how.

You can buy an inexpensive wood burning (also called “pyrography”) tool at most craft stores. They look just like this little guy below. You can get them with all different tips, large and small, pointy and round.  To use, all you have to do is plug in the tool and wait a few moments for it to get hot. Then, press it onto the wooden item of your choice, and decorate away.

Wood burning tool

A few tips:

-The slower you move the tool, the darker the burn will be.
-It’s best to use this on raw wood, as wood coated with any chemicals could possibly produce a dangerous smoke.
-Tie your hair back! A strand of my hair accidentally grazed the tool and sizzled up right away.

The first thing I decorated was this tiny wooden box. I created little patterns with tiny dots and lines all over. Since my tool has a rounded tip, I found it easiest to create dots.

Wood burning jewelry box

Wood burned jewelry box

Next, I wanted to try something a little bit more labor intensive. I love this graphic from our October calendar (which you can download here), so I decided to turn it into a wood burning.


I first printed out the image, and then used graphite transfer paper to transfer the graphic onto a piece of wood.

Wood burning

Transfering graphics to wood

I used these outlines as a guide as I burned the wood.

Wood burning 2

When I was finished, I mixed some acrylic paint with water and covered the wood using a foam brush, making sure to go outside of the lines so that it didn’t look too perfect. :) I love the way this one turned out.

Wood burning and water colors

For my third wood burning, I used wooden chopsticks! I created simple patterns using dots and lines, and finished it off with some more watered down paint. These would be great to use for chopstick hairstyles, and would also make an excellent gift for sushi lovers!

Wood burned chopsticks

Wood burning is going to be my new favorite hobby, for sure. It’s such a relaxing, rewarding thing to do, and the opportunities are absolutely endless. Have you guys ever made a wood burning of your own? Let us know what you made – we’d love to hear!

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10 years ago

Very cool, I might have to try this!!
MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

10 years ago

OH my goodness I have never done this! But I absolutely must, so beautiful!!!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Umm..this is too funny!
I was saying yesterday that I wanted to get a wood burner!


10 years ago

I think I know what I am making for Christmas gifts this year!


10 years ago

http://www.camp-ink.tumlbr.com here is my pyrography tumblr :)

10 years ago

I agree with Meg. Your timing is impeccable!
I was just thinking about buying a wood burner the other day after remembering being in Woodshop back in school, cutting out a shape of a head, and making some type of Rockabilly Pirate Queen design using a wood burner.
I guess the end result wasn’t too bad since my father has it hung up, till this day, in his bar! :)

10 years ago

love this so much! Would it still work if I don’t use graphite transfer paper for the piece of wood?

This is gorgeous. So unique and different from what’s out there in DIY land!


10 years ago

I just did one for the first time about a month ago!! Take a look :) Yours a great. It’s so much fun. Can’t wait to do more.


10 years ago

I adore this idea! Great weekend projects or inexpensive holiday gifts!

10 years ago

We love the way that you used our Basswood Country Round and Wood Burning Tool! Thanks for sharing- we adore wood burning too! :) http://bit.ly/19A993p

10 years ago

WoW! Awesome work. I love all these home decor items you made. I will definitely try this and will made some wonderful designs.

10 years ago

What kit did you use? I really want to get in but there’s like a bajillion different kits.

9 years ago

Check out these radical wood burnings!