5 Tips For Making Sushi

Our October catalog was shot in Tokyo and has us lusting after Japan and its unique culture. We love sushi – and making your own is lots of fun. You can play around with any ingredients  you like, to create your own personal roll. We’ve already talked about how it’s done (find out in this ube potato sushi recipe), and today we want to share some extra tips on how to roll the perfect sushi. Here’s a little cheat sheet of sushi-making tips, and beneath it are some extra details. Enjoy!

Tips for making sushi

1. After you’ve cooked your rice, be sure to use a wooden spoon. A metal spoon could be potentially damaging to the rice, and may interact with any vinegar that you may include in the preparation. Once the rice is cooked, transfer it to a wooden bowl, which will absorb excess moisture from the rice.

2. Season your rice with Shari-Zu, a Japanese mixture made from sugar, salt, and unseasoned rice vinegar. Use a ratio of 2 tablespoons vinegar, 4 teaspoons sugar, and ½ teaspoon salt, for every 1 cup of raw sushi rice. Once your rice is cooked an in a wooden bowl, drizzle the mixture over the rice and continually fold the rice over itself (gently, being sure not to mash it) until it is no longer releasing steam.

3. While it isn’t totally necessary, you’ll have much neater-looking sushi if you use a sushi rolling mat. You can purchase these anywhere from an Asian food market to Amazon.com. Make sure you look for a bamboo mat where one side is rounded and the other is flat. While these may be slightly more expensive than those where both sides are rounded, you’ll soon discover that the flat side is much easier to use and produces much more attractive results!

4. When it comes to fillings, less is more. Use a minimalistic mindset when you prepare the fillings for your roll, as this is the way that sushi was intended to be. Cut your ingredients – like cucumbers and avocados – into thin strips before placing them atop your rice.

Cucumber slices, sushi

5. After your ingredients are all rolled up, cut the roll down the middle, then place each half parallel to one another. Cut and repeat until you have 8 pieces altogether. This technique helps prevent the ingredients from falling out while you cut!

Cutting sushi

And there you have it – 5 tips for making your own sushi. Do you have any tips to share? Let us know!

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  1. Does anyone know if the type of knife matters? Mine always seem unable to cut through the seaweed. Should it be super sharp like a scalpel?

  2. In addition to the fish being sashimi grade, if it is a river fish that is to be served raw, like salmon, make sure it has been frozen. River fish carry parasites that are killed during the freezing process. :)

  3. hi, girls!

    another precious tips, learnt from my mom and grandma, both yummysushimakers & beautiful japanese ladies:
    1. for making NIGIRISUSHI (which is the rice ‘cake’ with seafood or vegetables on top), always have a bowl with cold water with a little salt to soak your hands before rolling the rice. roll while the rice is still hot!
    (though this last part is, in my personal experience, rather optional – letting the rice cool down a little bit doesn’t make the most brilliant grains of the world, but it aches a lot less :))
    2. for CUTTING THE ROLLS: have a really sharp knife, of course, and moisten the blade on tepid water each time you cut the roll. It will help the seaweed (NORI) and rice to be cut more gently and firmly.

    nice sushi making for all!! <3 <3


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