Alternative Pumpkin Decorations

Now is the perfect time to start preparing your house for fall festivities, and with Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to share a few alternative ideas for decorating pumpkins and gourds! It’s always fun to do the traditional pumpkin carving, but this year, we loved the idea of incorporating fun techniques like painting, yarn bombing and decoupaging!

pumpkins and gourds

I always like visiting a local pumpkin patch to search for the perfect pumpkin. Since we are well into October, most grocery stores will have pumpkins and gourds readily available for purchase, too. I picked up a variety of sizes this year, and I love this white one I found!

Leaf Decoupage

leaf decoupage supplies

I found that decoupaging fall foliage onto a white pumpkin looks really natural and earthy. To try this, you need:

Mod Podge

Pumpkin or gourd


Soft leaves

I collected some leaves outside and laid out a pattern on the pumpkin. It’s best to find soft leaves since they will form to the pumpkin better.

decoupage leaf

Once you figure out where you are placing your leaves, coat the first one with a layer of Mod Podge on the front and back. It’s good to paint some directly where you are placing it on the pumpkin, too.

pumpkin leafs

Continue to do this until all of your leaves have been placed. Press down on each leaf for a few seconds to make sure the Mod Podge is sticking. Let the pumpkin sit overnight to dry.

leaf decoupage

In the morning, all of the Mod Podge will have dried clear!

Yarn-Bombed Pumpkin

yarn bombed pumpkin supplies

This technique is really simple and looks awesome on smaller-sized pumpkins! All you need is:

Multi-colored yarn


Glue gun

first step to yarn bombed pumpkin

First, secure the yarn to the bottom of the pumpkin using a hot glue gun.

wrapping pumpkin

Next, start to wrap the yarn around your pumpkin.

pumpkin wrapping

I wrapped the yarn in a criss-cross pattern on the top and bottom to make sure it stayed in place.

yarn bombed pumpkin

Continue wrapping until all of the pumpkin has been covered.

glue gun on top of pumpkin

To finish, hot glue the end of the yarn to the pumpkin.

finished yarn bombed pumpkin

Painted Pumpkin 

painted pumpkin supplies

I love how free you can be with this technique. As long as you have some paint and paintbrushes, you can create any sort of design on your pumpkin. I used a variety of acrylic paints and picked out a couple different-sized brushes.

painting pumpkin black

I started out by completely covering my pumpkin in black paint. This background will make the other colors pop.

designs on pumpkin

After the black paint was completely dry,  I started free-handing little shapes on the pumpkin.

painted pump

I chose to draw some floral designs and finished off with some line detailing.

final pump image

Which of these methods do you like best?

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10 years ago

Wow! All of these are awesome! I especially like the leaf decoupage. So simple, but unique.

10 years ago

I have been wanting an alternative idea for a white pumpkin for a while. This is so inspiring! I think I will try something similar. Thank you for the lovely idea.

10 years ago

Awesome pumpkins!! I’m definitely gonna try the modge podge pumpkin, thanks for sharing this :0

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

10 years ago

I am going to try these. Epsecially the painted pumpkin! They are all so pretty

10 years ago

Here in New Mexico “Dia de Muertos” is a big thing. I love the idea of taking a white pumpkin and instead of decoupaging, painting it like any of the skeleton faces we have down here and adding the festive tissue flowers! Great ideas Jana, keep em coming!

10 years ago

I love these designs! I am doing my pumpkin next week. I may try something different this time!

10 years ago

What a great idea! Practically mess free and they look so delicate and fun!

10 years ago

Love these!
I painted my pumpkin white and added ribbon!

10 years ago

Awesome ideas, great photos and super tutorials!

10 years ago

Those pumpkins are sweet! Love the leaves!

10 years ago

What a refreshing, non-Halloween take on pumpkins! Thanks for sharing :)

10 years ago

Love the mod podge pumpkin! What a fresh take on an autumn theme

10 years ago

can you please do a DIY on how you edited the photos from the Off the Beaten Path segment!!

10 years ago

Forget the decorations, you have excellent taste in nail polish!

10 years ago

I’m going to try these!! ☺


10 years ago

All three are very nice. When I yarn wrap my pumpkins, I hot-glue the beginning of the yarn only, then tuck it under at the end. When I’m done using it for decoration, just unwind and the yarn lives to become another project. I am so happy to have discovered your blog!

10 years ago

All great ideas!

8 years ago

I love all these ideas. Can’t wait to try them!

6 years ago

Amazing designs! I loved it

Sharing some more pumpkin designs for this Halloween