Ayurveda Journal, Week 1: Exploring The Senses

After having a glimpse into the world of Ayurveda at Temple of the Lotus last week, I’ve decided that this is something that I’d really like to incorporate into my life. I have a few physical ailments that I’ve been trying to resolve for quite some time, and in recent years I’ve acquired a thirst to become more connected with myself and my surroundings, and to learn how to be truly present. I have a strong feeling that Ayurveda is exactly what I’ve been needing all this time. I’m vowing right now to make this practice a part of my life, and I want you all to come along for the journey. I’ll be sharing weekly learnings and discoveries on the blog, and I invite all of you to share your own experiences, as well.

Last week, after meeting Lilavati and attending one of her night classes, I returned to Temple of the Lotus for a workshop led by Niika Quistgard, another woman filled to the brim with gorgeous energy and ayurvedic knowledge. Niika gave us a beautiful introduction to Ayurveda, with a focus on exploring the senses in the layers of life.

Ayurveda notes

Above: Exploring the Senses in the Layers of Life // Niika Quistgard

One thing I loved about her workshop was that Niika stressed that it would be better for us to just absorb the information as she presented it, rather than actively taking notes. As a blogger, it’s second nature for me to already think about how I’ll package certain information, right at the time it’s being presented to me. Although it wasn’t the easiest thing for me to forget about all of that, this was a great relief to be able to just sit, absorb, and be.

Boots on floor

Niika also mentioned several times that Ayurveda is really just built around common sense. It’s all information that we already know – and once it’s presented to us, we’re able to realize it. She explained that each of the tri-doshas of Ayurveda – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha — are made up of 2 of the 5 great elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. When you think about the qualities that each of these elements possesses, it becomes easy to understand the characteristics of each dosha.




Once you have an understanding of the doshas, you might start to realize which is most predominant within yourself – and how to make sure it doesn’t get out of control. For example, if your primary dosha is Pitta – firey, hot, and sharp as it is – it may be best to ease up on other things with a similar nature. Instead of wearing bright red lipstick, eating spicy foods, and listening to crazy music, balance your doshas by doing the opposite. Wear cooler, softer colors; eat a sweet fruit; listen to soothing music; light a floral-scented candle.

Ayurveda healing center

During the workshop, we were invited to taste a few different types of leafy greens (that Niika had grown herself!), as well as a few different types of citrus fruits. We paid attention to each one as we tried it, and described the taste out loud. It was at this time that we were to realize that it’s more beneficial to take note of the characteristics in each particular food (or song, or scent, etc.) than to keep them in groups in our minds.

Citrus fruit

Some citrus fruits are sweet, some are sour, some are bitter. Some leafy greens are pungent, some are astringent, some are mild. Noting the qualities in each one allows us to discover how to give our bodies and minds what we need; how to balance ourselves.

Cabinet of potions

Pay attention to every sense – sound, touch, sight, taste, smell – and take into account which will help you to feel more balanced in any particular situation. Niika even spoke of a woman who addressed her body’s need for something sweet by feeding sweet music to her ears. With Ayurveda, you have the ability to be savvy like that, and it’s an incredible thing.

Check back next week for my second Ayurveda journal, and please share your Ayurveda experiences in the comments!

Visit Niika Quistgard’s site AyurMama.

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8 years ago

Wondering where those boots in the fourth image are from? Anyone know where I can find them?

8 years ago

Thank you for this post! I tried a morning Ayurvedic routine for several weeks, and even though it was a 2-3 hour process, the routine was worth it. (One of my favorite parts was the oil massage!) I look forward to Journal #2. :)

8 years ago

This is absolutely beautiful. I had never heard of this,,, definitely going to be incorporating into my life.

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

Amazing! So happy to see information on Ayurveda on the blog. I love the graphics to display the doshas. Looking forward to the next posts.

8 years ago

Great info! I tried an Ayurvedic diet and routine for about 3 months and it was such a brilliant learning experience that I’ll carry with me forever. It’s a beautiful science. Can’t wait for the next post!!

Much love, http://www.myomlife.com/

8 years ago

This is so great. Perfect timing to appear in my life.

8 years ago

I love this! Awesome post. I posted about oil pulling today. You guys should definitely do a post on it!

8 years ago

I feel the same as Brooke. I’m an actor who does experiential acting. A huge part of our work is getting our selves in touch with our senses and our surroundings. I’m also a very spiritual being (as most artists are) and have been looking for something that would help me with both elements of my life and creating a balance. I cannot wait to see your future posts and I’m very excited about looking into Ayurveda myself ☮

8 years ago

A few years back i discovered Aveda’s Ayurvedic Chakra scents…. i practice with two of them that help me through different events in my day- work, yoga, etc……i have also found an Ayurvedic toothpaste i found at my local health store that seemed good for me. I love the results of brushing with it. And knowing i don’t need chemicals to brighten my smile.

I was intrigued by Joanne’s post about the oil pulling. totally simple, yet beneficial. I have found that i love the simplicity in Ayurvedic practices.

Brooke, is the book featured in your pics apart of your discoveries? or is it a journal? thanks!

8 years ago

I am intrigued and very excited ~ looking forward to your next post!

8 years ago

Hello Briggette – Great that you got so much out of the workshop. It’s nice to see my company logo front and center! I sent you an email. Let’s talk…!

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