Blogger Diary: A Weekend Away

When you live in a city, you are constantly surrounded by things; people, buildings, noises… it never seems to stop. Sometimes it’s nice to leave it all behind and get away. The feeling of open space and looking out at landscape that goes on for miles is something that truly inspires me. I spent a lot of time traveling out west growing up, and I often yearn for the beautiful views that exist there.

This past weekend, a few of my closest friends and I left Philly and headed out to the ‘burbs on a camping adventure to find that openness. Golden Nugget Flea Market is on the route out of town, so we always make a pit stop there to see what treasures we can find before winding through the Pennsylvania farmland.

golden nugget flea market



corn with quote

Beyond the little towns we drove until we reached Rushland Ridge Winery. A friend of a friend owns the place, so a small group gathered for a night under the stars filled with good laughs and warm spirits. A fire helped nick away the crisp fall air, and there was such stillness you could almost hear the whispers of neighbors.

rushland ridge winery


standing in road

rushland ridge


pitching tent

in the tent

vineyard quote

winery at dusk

night fire

Sleeping outside makes for an early rise, and we were lucky to catch some of the morning wine work.

winery grape

wine labels

barrels of wine

pumping wine

Before heading back to the city, we ran through the fields one last time.

siting in field

chels running

tree shadow

Where is your favorite spot to get away?

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  1. right there with you Jana – love taking those short trips…something about open country, camp fires, camping under the stars! Fall is the perfect time to wonder out. I live in the country so I am surrounded by this daily. I head into the city every few months to get a dose of the city. Happy Halloween!

  2. I too live in the country, and my get away would have to be the city. It’s were i can release a bunch of stress, and just love life. Happy Halloween!

  3. When I was with my ex, we would road trip up to his hometown of Carlisle, PA. We live in northern VA and it’s such an over-populated, traffic-galore, always new construction, hustle bustle suburb. It would take us about three hours to get up there and we’d drive content with just staring at farmland. We’d usually go a weekend or two before Thanksgiving when the skies are always that endless blue and the leaves are still beautiful yellow golds and orange. There was a farmer’s market on the way up in Thurmont, MD that we’d stop in for pear cider on the way to Carlisle then stop back through and pick up pies, gallons of cider, apples and other goodies. There’s lots of thrift shops and a little college town with some cool little bars and eateries. There’s an Asian noodle restaurant called Iseei Noodle in the downtown of Carlisle. It is AMAZING and I recommend you go there just to try it! Can’t be too, too far from Philly, but I am telling you! WORTH.IT. Why we started going back every year in fact! Also, a tiny little vintage/funky thrift finds shop called Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb. I really loved it up there in Carlisle. Felt a million miles away. Will have to return on my own this time around and actually get all that shopping done that I couldn’t before! ;)

  4. I too live in the country, in the middle of no where, 37 miles to pavement. For me, I go into Albuquerque to truly appreciate where I live. When I get home, I am soooo happy to be be where the sky is bright blue, I can see deer out my front door, walking the canyons, and no hustle and bustle. My days are my own.

  5. Hi Jana! Did you find that purple crystal at the Golden Nugget? That’s sick! I’d like to make a trip down sometime.

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