DIY Fall Garland

It may not be holiday season, but there’s no reason we can’t celebrate fall season by decorating our homes with garland. Today we’re talking about making garland from an autumn staple: pinecones. This is a really simple DIY that is best done sitting around a fire (whether outdoors or in), laughing with loved ones. Maybe you can even start it off by taking a walk with friends, collecting pinecones and any other bits of nature that have fallen to the ground this season.


Fall garland materials

Pinecones (if you don’t have access to any pinecones outdoors, you can usually find some at supermarkets and craft stores this time of year)
Metal wire (I used 26-gauge)
Fake flowers
Acrylic paint
Tacky glue
Hot glue gun


This garland would look lovely with the pinecones just as they came, but I wanted to add a little color, so I started by adding a little glitter and fall-colored paint. I didn’t do this to every pinecone – just enough of them to add a touch of interest.  I liked adding paint and glitter to just the tips of the pinecones, as you can see below.


To attach the pinecones to the twine, you can just wrap the twine right around each one, finishing off by tying.

Pinecone and twine

For smaller pinecones, I first wrapped brass wire around each one, and then attached them to the twine with the wire.

Mini pinecone with glitter

For the flowers, I snipped small pieces of wire and then attached each one to a flower using hot glue.

Flowers with wires

I varied the amount of space between each attachment so that the garland didn’t feel too precise. I then attached each flower to the twine using the wire.

Fall garland

Pinecone garland

What’s great about this garland is that you can customize it to fit over your fireplace, above a window, across a wall – whatever you’d like. Get creative with what you attach to yours and make a point to feel yourself relax as you put it together. Happy fall!

Fall garland window


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10 years ago

great idea! =)

10 years ago

Adorable, love it! Thanks for the idea :)

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

10 years ago

What a lovely way to bring the outside in. :)

10 years ago

Oh wow! This is seriously lovely and looks easy!

xo, Juliette Laura

Doesn’t get much better than pinecones and flowers. Too darn perfect.

10 years ago

Adorable, thanks!

10 years ago

*GASP* I WAS THINKING THE SAME DIY IDEA!!!! Only I was just going to use leaves. But this idea is waaaaaaaaaayyyy better!! :D

10 years ago

Such a great DYI! Def. going to try and def. pinned!! Thanks!! :D

10 years ago

SO CUTE I love!!!!!

6 years ago

i love that idea thanks fr sharing

1 year ago

Did u have to bake the pine cones u collected from outside