DIY Removable Beanie Pom Pom

During the colder months I pretty much live in beanies.  I am especially fond of our Capsule Slouchy Beanie and have it in a couple of different colors.  For the days when I want to change up its appearance a little bit, I decided to make a removable pom pom!  This is such an easy project and the best part is you can make a bunch of different colors and change them up depending on your mood :).

diy removable beanie pom pom

What you need: 2 circular pieces of cardboard with a hole cut in the center.  Make sure the holes are cut evenly — I used a coaster for the outer circle and a soda bottle cap for the inner circle.  The larger your circles are, the larger the pom pom will be! The only other things you need are yarn and scissors!

diy removable beanie pom pom

Begin wrapping the yarn around the cardboard circles — when you start, just wrap the yarn over top of the loose end to hold it in place.

diy removable beanie pom pom

Continue doing this until the pieces of cardboard are completely covered.

diy removable beanie pom pom

Slide the scissors in between the two cardboard circles as pictured, and cut around the yarn around the edges of the circle so that it looks like this:

diy removable beanie pom pom

diy removable beanie pom pom

Cut another piece of yarn and slide it in between the cardboard circles, so that it loops around the center of the pieces of yarn. Tie in a tight knot, and remove the cardboard.

diy removable beanie pom pom

Trim an excess yarn and voila!  Your pom pom is finished.

diy removable beanie pom pom

To attach the pom pom to my beanie, I used a safety pin and slid it through the piece of yarn that I used to tie the pom pom. Then I just pinned it right onto the top of my hat!

diy removable beanie pom pom

I can’t wait to make more! These would make adorable gift toppers, too :).

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What a cool idea!
I love when you can change up an accessory by adding (or subtracting) a detail!

Very interesting post! If you get a second, I’d love to hear your thoughts on theme my blog. .. Thank you and I greet: )

I love making pom poms…another quick way to make them is just using your hand and wrapping the yarn around it until you get the size you want..then you tie it in the middle and cut the ends to get the similar effect. :)

Definitely going to pin this DIY for Christmas gift toppers. Thank you!

This is so awesome! I love making pom poms, but I never thought about making a removable one! What a great idea so you change up the look of the hat! Totally doing this.

Love this! I wish I was crafty but maybe I will give it a try!

Loving that pom pom, would love to make this.

Love the beanies so cool!