Easy Beauty Trick: DIY Smudge Eyeliner

We love easy beauty tricks here at Free People, and today I’m sharing one that was introduced to me in my teenage years. In the girls’ bathroom at school one day, my friend whipped a lighter out of her back pocket. I freaked out for a quick second, but then I saw where this was going, and I was in total awe. She was making her own smudge eyeliner.

The only materials you need for this are a kohl eyeliner pencil and an open flame – whether it’s a lighter, a match, or a candle!

Eyeliner and candle on wood stump

All you do is hold the pencil tip into the frame for a split second, and then allow it to cool for about 10-15 seconds.

Eyeliner and candle

Roll the tip onto the back of your hand to allow it to cool in the proper pointed shape.


Once it’s cool, apply it to your eye as usual. Voila! Instant smudge.

DIY smudge liner before after

It’s amazing how easily the liner glides on once it’s softened. It does a great job of filling in between lashes for a bold, defined look.

Keep in mind, this smudge liner is only temporary. After a few minutes, the liner will go back to its original state, so carry a lighter if you want to do this while you’re on the go!

See our tutorial on how to get the perfect eyeliner wing!

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10 years ago

Awesome tip!


10 years ago

Yes! I worked in a haunted house doing makeup one year, and a friend showed me this tip in our downtime. Been using it ever since. My favorite pencil to use is the Make Up Forever Aqualiner.


10 years ago

I used this beauty trick SOOO many times in grade school. Learned it from my sister…totally forgot about it until now!

Never heard of this, looveee it! Thanks!


10 years ago

I used to do this all the time in high school!! Thanks for the reminder!

10 years ago

I really thing you guys should do a blog post about your favorite iPhone apps! I feel like you girls would have some good ones to recommend!!

10 years ago

what brand eyeliner did you use? this is great!

10 years ago

That’s so funny I’ve been doing this for years! Whenever I break out a lighter to do my eyeliner with people look at me like I’m crazy! Such an awesome trick my mom taught me.

10 years ago

Wow, nice idea! Thank you :)

10 years ago

I’m going to by a kohl eyeliner pencil as soon as I get out of school. Thank you!


10 years ago

I just burn a stick mash it into a powder and apply it with a Q tip. Doesn’t cost me a penny!