Fall In The Canyons

There is a naked truth with the falling of fall.

Trees once heavy laden with ornamentation, color, and character now stand bare in the foggy mornings of fading days. No longer do they shelter us from the winds and sun as they once did; they stand naked and honest, humble and reticent, baring nothing but their unclothed branches.

With the change of seasons comes a change in us all. Here, a moment is created just for us… to look in the mirror closer and evaluate what it is we truly want out of our lives… ourselves… our better halves. Spring often brings a surge of energized creativity after a long winter of hibernation. Fall hits us gently after the long lazy warmth of summer days, with its crisp breeze and misleading time. Easier said than done… finding the truth of what your purpose is, what your true calling’s focus may be… but one thing is for certain, answers lie in the stripping of excess, of getting to the bare root of you. All the color that is added later will be founded in solidarity of strength of knowledge. Even with the falling of all the tangible aesthetics, what is left reveals more beauty than before; knowing where it all truly stems from.

I hope all of you are welcoming this season’s change with great promise and excited possibilities. Light your first fire, pour your perfect cup… take a deep breath of fall’s fresh faced air.

Much love.


fall style inspiration

fall style inspiration

Get the look: Taxi Cab Knit Skirt, Seamless Tupelo Honey Top, Ikat Hooded Poncho, Reckless Tall Boot.

fall style inspiration

fall style inspiration

Get the look: Drippy Jersey Dress, Printed Tattered Circles Maxi, Sunbelt Ankle Boot, Bandera Pendant, Double Layer Rosary.

fall style inspiration

Get the look: Penny Lane Chiffon Dress, Fringe Moto Knit Jacket, Sunbelt Ankle Boot.

fall style inspiration

Get the look: Tattered Up Shred Slip, Hard Candy Stripe Cuff Top, Buttermilk Biscuit Cardigan, Sunbelt Ankle Boot.

fall style inspiration

fall style inspiration

fall style inspiration

Get the look: Vintage Jacquard Pant, Striped Border Hooded Poncho.

Photography: Annie Edmonds
Hair and Makeup: Emily Nickrent
Model: Jessica Mau

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This model feels so fresh and peaceful. The message presented is a great way to start your Monday too. Thank you.


Not only are these photos absolutely stunning, but these words are beautiful. Perfect post!

xo, Juliette Laura

the post & photos are lovely – nicely done!


“answers lie in the stripping of excess” – Love this!

Such a pretty shoot, I love all the outfits.



That waas lovely. Such an inspiring way to start a monday morning. Pleaaaaaaaase do a hair tutorial for the last 3 pictures though, I’m dieing to know how to do that!

Best season of the year shown in some beautiful photographs here! I love the words as well.




Love this! Makes me feel grounded and at peace. Happy Monday :)

You are truly a blessed writer and stylist Amy… reading your piece gives me strength for the day and the season!

I love these pictures. That poncho is amazing! Beautiful post FP.

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Let Amy’s words drip down like the first candles lit of the season pouring rivulets of wax you cant help but reach out and catch.. the first warm to the bone sensation spreading from your fireplace toasty toes – you can’t take your eyes off turn away or deny the magic of what you’re seeing, or reading, to be undeniably true. Reveling in that turning & the goodies on display in these photos. What a team, what clothes! What gorgeous photos, and toasted to an autumn crisp of perfection. Pass the cute socks and that big poncho, please! x


These photos are absolutely beautiful! :)

Amy’s posts are some of my favorites. so glad she is a contributor here now.


Truly inspiring. Jessica is one of my favorite fp models.


Such a beautiful shoot. They perfectly capture the essence of fall and this post was wonderfully written


Although I work at UO; Free People I LOVE your blog! -the end :)


What A beautiful backdrop!


Beautifully written and wonderful photos. <3

xo, Liz