Festival Fashion At Treasure Island

Treasure Island.
The last hoorah of Festivals for the 2013 year…. Right? Yes. I think so…
In the scheme of things, Treasure Island is quite quaint. Only two stages rise above the crowds, with a backdrop of San Francisco’s glorified cityscape behind it. There is no view that isn’t pleasing: sit, stand… lay… it’s all good. You’ll hear and see all that you want. Here, only one stage plays at a time, and no matter your placement in this small, intimate setting, the sound resonates and finds you.
No longer do we festival goers have to take out our red pens… open up the schedule… horrified that “so and so” is playing at the same time as “so and so also”… how can one choose?! The anxiety of it all is a seriously overwhelming experience. Somehow we do it… choose one of our favorites over another, and hope to see the latter in the next circuit. Choose no more, ladies and gents. One stage at a time, only. You hear it all. Come one and come all, equality for our eager ears.
This year we teamed up with the lovely Anna-Alexia to snap some street style shots. These lovely movers and shakers represent the diverse and unique fashion sensibilities this Northern California festival brings. The mix is as eclectic as its city, never tired… always surprising.

Above: Eliza Vera
From: New York
Free means…Spiritual.

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Katy Jones
From: Fresno
Free means…Integrity.

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Tyler McPherron
From: SF
Free means…HELL YEAH!

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Kiley Chase
From: Orange County
Free means…Expressing yourself however you want.

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Grace Patuwa
From: San Francisco

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Sofie Royer
From: New York

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Anna Keel
From: SF
Free means…Not having any inhibitions.

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Erin Prado
From: Oakland
Free means…No stress.

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Jenny Morales
From: Hercules
Free means…Thinking.

festival fashion at treasure island

Name: Lacey Leeder
From: East Bay
Free means…America.

050_Zinzi lombard

Name: Zinzi Lombard
From: Miami
Free means…Important.

053_Christy Baird

Name:Christy Baird
From: SF
Free means…Existentialism, doing what you want.

054_Hannah Fariss

Name: Hannah Fariss
From: SF
Free means…Liberation.

festival fashion treasure island

Name:Annie Cooper
From: Arizona
Free means…Effortless style.

088_yo man

Name: Lauren Goodman
From: Sonoma
Free means…The ability to travel our world.

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Ratty St. John
From: SF

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Ronna Fidel
From: SF
Free means…Not spending money.

festival fashion treasure island

Name: Shelley Young
From: SF
Free Means…Confident and uninhibited.

Photography by Anna-Alexia Basile

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10 years ago

How I wish festival season would be all year round! Great photos.


10 years ago

Lauren Goodman is stunning.

10 years ago

Hannah Fariss…. loving her hair and suit!

10 years ago

I love festival wear! Definitely gives me ideas for Stereosonic Melbourne in December!

Check out my blog for lifestyle/fashion/music: http://fashnative.wordpress.com/

10 years ago

Absolutely love whenever you cover anything from San Francisco. So nice to see my city on my favorite blog!

10 years ago

oh my Zinzi Lombard’s entire outfit is perfection!

10 years ago

nice collection of photos.great outfit.

10 years ago

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10 years ago

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