Free People Horoscopes, Week Of October 14-20

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.

zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

Expressing your affection freely and playfully with no expectations helps you to connect with people this week, as your ruling planet Venus in your communication house gels with insouciant Uranus in your others angle. With feisty Mars moving into your subliminal sector, you might need to keep an eye on yourself, as unconscious aggression could trigger self-sabotaging behavior. Try to be honest about what role you’re playing in any friction that may arise. Excellent uses of this energy would be to work behind the scenes or to focus on spiritual and creative pursuits. A lunar eclipse in your relationship zone highlights your need for personal bonds and also coincides with heightened emotions in the people you interact with now. Finding a healthy balance between independence and enmeshment is key, and you may find that loosening your grip a bit will ease tension between you and someone else. Honor your own need for space, even if it runs counter to your identity as a people person.


zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Your co-ruler Mars traipses into your network-and-objectives house this week, making you more ready to assertively connect with friends and professional contacts and go after new goals. But his face-off with nebulous Neptune could make your first step a wobbly one if your behavior isn’t driven by the highest intentions. You have a chance to feel good about yourself and your financial prospects when valuable Venus in your worth sector syncs with revolutionary Uranus in your productiveness zone. The lunar eclipse also lands in your productiveness zone, demanding change. Optimism about the future and a belief in yourself will incite you to continue to improve your work ethic and time management, get rid of bad habits, take better care of yourself and find useful ways of contributing something to the world. If you really want to aim higher in your aspirations, that needs to be reflected in your daily routine. The eclipse can embolden you to finally embrace doing things in a very different way that will infuse your life with more meaning.


zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Experiment with your look or your image this week, as Venus in Sag clicks with carefree Uranus in your self-expression sector. Have fun presenting yourself in a different way—aesthetically or socially—and see how people react. The lunar eclipse spans your personal-fulfillment and humanity houses, further highlighting your need to be you and the effect that this has on others. The eclipse intensifies your desire to enjoy yourself, have love in your life and indulge your creative side. At the same time, it can reveal how your pursuit of pleasure and freedom impacts your bonds with others and your place in a group. Discovering your uniqueness, putting it out into the world, learning how to share your whole self with another person—all of these things are interrelated. But it’s no simple task to balance individuation with partnership and friendships. With go-for-it Mars climbing to the pinnacle of your chart now, you’re amped to reach goals, although you may face a moment of uncertainty when Neptune softens your ambition. Keep going, but pace yourself.


zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

You’re motivated to travel, learn new things and assert your opinions when forceful Mars shows up in your expansion sector this week, but his opposition to deceptive Neptune at week’s end could leave you not knowing what to believe and cause you to act out. Wait a bit, as this particular confusion will pass soon enough. On a bright note, an expression of selfless love could allow you to bond unexpectedly with someone—likely a family member—so try to coax your positive feelings to the surface while surrendering any personal agenda. The lunar eclipse will amplify your emotions and contrast where you’re coming from with where your headed, making this the perfect time to let go of feelings that are keeping you from moving forward. You expect a lot from others lately, but what’s called for now is a major internal shift. Getting closure on highly charged memories, family patterns and childish emotions will make you feel more secure, improve your relationships and free up reserves of energy.


zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

When Mars arrives in your hidden-matters house this week, he galvanizes you to go deeper during the next several weeks. Get close to another person, delve into your own psyche to understand yourself better or start a research project. Mars’s run-in with Neptune may cause you to question the worth of this endeavor, but unless you get beyond the doubt, you won’t know the rewards. Uranus, your ruling planet, has a serendipitous encounter with Venus that could boost your spirits, as you click with friends or colleagues—perhaps in an unexpected way. Your relationship to a group benefits from spontaneous communication and sharing of ideas, so stay in circulation. The lunar eclipse falls in your mindset zone, bringing new information to light or disrupting your habitual way of thinking, and you could verbalize strong emotions before you’ve had a chance to edit yourself. An urge to spend your time in more meaningful ways will ultimately help you to get more out of life; shifting old thought patterns and beliefs now will aid that effort.


zodiac sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

You could be bewildered by someone’s actions when provocative Mars in your relationship angle faces foggy Neptune in Pisces. It’s natural when Mars is in this part of your chart to perceive others as the aggressor, and Neptune makes it extra tricky to understand the underlying dynamic. Don’t worry; look at the next several weeks as an ideal period to put energy into your one-on-one relationships and work through partnership issues. Maintain a high profile now, since valuable Venus in your ambition angle has a fortuitous meeting with variable Uranus in your value sector, suggesting public or professional recognition and a change in confidence or finances. The lunar eclipse also signals a shift in your self-worth and monetary worth. Seek clarity on what you’ve got going for you, what you can get for yourself, what you truly need (versus what you want), what you derive through outside sources and how you can maximize your unique gifts. Move past old ways of thinking in order to improve your personal and financial security.


zodiac sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

Your ruler Mars arrives in your efficiency house, pushing you to think about how you spend your time, and his encounter with spiritual Neptune in your service sector later in the week hints that the work you do will be more satisfying if there’s an unselfish component to it. If you feel that your job isn’t serving a higher purpose, what new skill, hobby or daily habit could put you on a more fulfilling path? Valuable Venus in your beliefs zone is in sync with change-loving Uranus in Aries, helping you to espouse a new way of doing things. Additionally, a lunar eclipse in your fresh-start-oriented sign signals a shift in your emotional state and your personal needs. You’re likely to feel extra excitable and even touchy now, but rather than react externally, tune in to your strong feelings, as they’re bound to carry a message. It may be time to let go of something you no longer need or feel the same way about.


zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

With go-getter Mars entering your fulfillment zone this week, you’re revved up to pursue pleasure, in the form of romance, creativity and playtime with kids or friends. But when Mars faces off with misty Neptune, your energy could dissipate. Others’ participation may leave something to be desired or your determination to go for it may fade if the payoff is unclear. Do your own thing if need be, and let go of expectations. Affectionate Venus in your intimacy sector is gelling with carefree Uranus, so taking a leap may be the ticket to closeness now. The lunar eclipse in independent Aries falls in your releasing house, prompting you to emancipate yourself from something or someone that is holding you back. Carve out alone time so you can enter the realm of your imagination and gain access to subconscious feelings. Why not try making a vision board? It’s even better than Pinterest for a Taurus, since you have a knack for working with your hands.


zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

It’s time to tackle a home project or work through a family situation, as doer Mars charges into your domestic zone this week, preparing to hang there until early December. Mars opposes Neptune in your ambition angle later in the week, emphasizing the elusiveness of your goals and the need to first build a base that will give you strength to conquer the outside world. Success may seem hard to come by at times, and you need support from family; people you feel at home with; and a comfortable, organized living environment. Social Venus in your relationship sector clicks with impromptu Uranus in your group house, raising the possibility of making an important connection with someone through the network of people already in your life. But a lunar eclipse—also in your group house—suggests a shift in your circle of friends or a change in how you fit in. Without overreacting, note that you may need to disassociate with a person or organization that doesn’t suit your current values.


zodiac sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

When beneficial Venus in your work sector jibes with quick-change Uranus in your ambition angle, connecting with a colleague, prioritizing your time, loving what you do or getting more creative with your skills and habits could feed into attaining a goal. You may feel impatient for public acclaim or professional status when the lunar eclipse lights up the top of your chart, bringing your feelings out into the open—and possibly putting them on display if you feel compelled to do or say something to speed results. It’s more important to simply honor your internal state, as your ruler the moon is sending you a message laden with emotions about the direction you’re headed in. Expansive Jupiter in your sign is in dialogue with the eclipse, further amplifying its effect on Cancers. You may need to surrender an objective that is no longer serving your growth. If the path you’re on doesn’t pertain to the person you’re striving to become, have the courage to acknowledge that. Honoring this truth will facilitate real change.


zodiac sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

With action-oriented Mars moving into your worth house, you’re encouraged to do something to strengthen your finances and your confidence. Mars meets murky Neptune later in the week, which could dilute your drive, but focusing on what you can do for yourself instead of what you can get from outside sources will keep you going. Venus in your pleasure sector puts you in the mood to enjoy yourself, and her hookup with liberating Uranus in your expansion zone implies unusual adventures. But the lunar eclipse in that same part of your chart spells change, so plans for travel might be up in the air or your opinion could do a 180 based on new information. On a larger scale, the moon is urging you to learn new things and leave obsolete beliefs in the past. Your inner optimism is spurring you on to pursue fresh experiences and expose yourself to unfamiliar cultures in order to push the boundaries of your worldview.


zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Fiery Mars lands in your sign this week, and he’s not leaving until December. You’re more motivated to assert yourself, get tons done and set firm boundaries. But thanks to Mars’s meetup with confusing Neptune in your relationship angle over the weekend, your actions may not be so easy for others to read. In turn, it may be hard for you to understand what it is that they don’t get. It is possible to feel close to someone, though, if you simply show your feelings rather than trying to force a situation. The lunar eclipse in your merging house brings to light your need for emotional intimacy, and your high hopes for connecting with people may bring out a dependent side of you that you’re not entirely comfortable with. The balance between “mine” and “ours” is shifting, as your feelings about sharing and trust shift. Ask yourself what you’re afraid of rather than unconsciously acting out your fears through your relationships.


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  1. These horoscopes are ridiculously on point. I am joyous and am eager about my Monday mornings at my desk, sipping my coffee, getting ready for the week with these glorious and meaningful passages. They encourage and enlighten me for a full week ahead. Thank you so much!

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