About A Girl: Meet Joanna

Joanna will grab your attention from the far end of a room without even trying. She’s a model-esque UK beauty with an effortlessly cool style, and a personality to match. She also works right here in our home office — as graphic artist on our color and print team.

Stepping onto the cobblestone street where Joanna lives was like stepping into a charming fairytale – and stepping into her Philadelphia home was like entering a dream. Natural wooden floors, a plant-covered yard, a winding staircase, and french doors that let sunlight pour inside. Quiet tunes rising from a record player in the corner, the loveliest scents coming from I don’t even know where… a tea kettle heating up on the stove. This was a dream alright.

Making tea

Joanna in kitchen

Single yellow rose

Joanna, window, backyard

Plants, kitchen counter

With a profound love for making beautiful things, in addition to creating artwork for Free People, Joanna also makes jewelry by hand, like these incredible necklaces — some of which are sold at local vintage shop Two Percent To Glory.

Joanna handmade jewelry

She also collects tiny objects — like these itty bitty owls — and has them placed strategically throughout her home.

Little owls

Kitchen tabletop

Free People Joanna artwork

You can find some of Joanna’s gorgeous artwork placed throughout her home, as well. I absolutely love the colors in this glass-covered piece below.

Artwork, tambourine

Putting up artwork

Plants and little dinosaurs

FP Joanna

Joanna Questions

Joanna mouth artwork

Philly brick home, bike

Joanna artwork

Have a glimpse into some other Free People homes.

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