Illustrated Inspiration From Elisa Mazzone

Elisa Mazzone’s work has graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, and Hallmark cards within the U.K.  Her work is whimsical and dreamy… transporting its pleased viewers to pastures of beauty and fantasy.

I love the way she focuses on small portions of detail: an eye, a piece of hair… a detail in the clothing… and leaves the rest loose and easy. Almost knowing the eye of the observer will carve its own final piece… it’s all an active part of the dream. Born in Australia and currently living in London, this “avid fan of all things beautiful” has backgrounds in styling, graphic design, and illustrating.  I spoke with Elisa about drawing one of our limited edition dresses, as she seemed a perfect fit for such a special piece.  Above, below… her work on our Limited Edition Moonlight Dancer Dress and Jill’s Limited Edition Leather Pieced Maxi.  I love her take, and the movement and character these pieces evoke. Relaxed and cool, but still remarkably elegant and sexy…. Encapsulating our limited edition dresses in their truest form.

elisa mazzone illustration

I followed up with Elisa a few days ago about what moves her creatively and what her greatest challenges are as an artist…

Where are you from?

Adelaide, Australia.

When did you start drawing?

When I was a little thing with crayons.

elisa mazzone illustration

What inspires you most to create?

Music, passion, dreams.

To choose one medium… what would it be?

Lead pencils.

elisa mazzone illustration

What does the future look like for you?

Blank page, yet to be drawn, but I hope it’s full of colour and interesting embellishments.

The greatest gift of being an artist…

A sensitive eye.

The greatest struggle with being an artist…

Creating balance between the two worlds.

elisa mazzone illustration

Tell me about your childhood. How did it influence who you are now?

I was the only girl in a family full of boys, with a mum who encouraged me to chase my dreams. I was surrounded by cars and football… and boys… so many boys! So I used to shut my door, put on my mix tape and draw pretty girls in dresses. Not much has changed.

What’s the greatest challenge with your illustrations?

Expectations, probably mostly my own.

elisa mazzone illustration

How long does a typical piece take?

Depending on the detail, anywhere from a few hours to days.

Do you listen to music while working? If so… what is your go-to album/artist?

Always, it depends entirely on my mood, normally moody folksy tunes. Laura Marling’s albums are always close by.

elisa mazzone illustration

What piece of advice would you give to young artists?

Perseverance. Embrace your flaws, work with them and make them part of your signature.

See more of Elisa’s work on her website,!

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10 years ago

Wow this illustrations are amazing! So inspiring too, makes me want to go do some art.

10 years ago

Wow, these are so lovely! Great advice for artist’s at all levels. It’s so important to persevere.

10 years ago

Breathtaking illustrations! They make me so inspired to work on my own art. Beautiful work

10 years ago

I love them! Would love them even more on my wall! Absolutely beautiful!

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10 years ago

Elisa’s words and works are inspirational to many. She is an example of someone following their passion and never giving up. Love your work Elisa!!!