Introducing: Shoe Jewelry

To be honest, I didn’t realize there was a way to make cool boots even cooler. But there is. This season, we’re all really excited about shoe jewelry. I said it. Jewelry for your shoes. I first caught wind that we’d be selling these pieces a while back, and I’m so happy that they’re finally here. We have a few different options, and they can be used on plain boots, lace-up boots, and even sneakers. They offer an unexpected uniqueness to your shoes; something that breathes new life into a pair of boots you may still be holding onto from last year.

I’m kind of partial to the anklet pieces – they make the tiniest jingle as you walk, reminding you to glance down and admire them throughout the day.

Metal boot jewelry

Black boots and jewelry

Above: Wrapped Charm Boot Jewelry, Outlier Shoe Boot, What’s Your Angle Maxi.

Red boots with jewelry

I especially love them on the Golden Eagle Boots. These boots come with a beautiful golden harness that can be removed whenever you like… and replaced with the Chain Wrapped Boot Anklet.


We also have some jewelry that can be laced into your boots or sneakers.

Metal shoe jewelry

Black boots with jewelry

Above: Lace In Coin Boot Jewelry, Flash Dance Shoe Boot.

Converses and lace jewelry

I love the way the Lace In Stud Boot Jewelry looks with a pair of Converse! Here we used them with the Tommy Studded Chucks.

Black and white shoe jewelry

So, what do you guys say? Will any jewels be making their way onto your shoes this season?

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  1. They are really cute, but I don’t wear any shoes with laces. If I had it my way I’d wear flip flops all day er day. Most of my shoes are flats or slip on’s because they are so easy to take off lol.

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