Monday Quote: Whisper Your Name To The Wind

“Whisper your name to the wind. Ask the wind to take it to the end of the world.” – Yoko Ono

The wind is a mysterious and mystifying force of nature. Sometimes when it’s really windy, I stand still outside and hope to get swept away. Sometimes in life we get stuck in one place and forget that there is an entire world out there. This week, ask yourself where you want to go in life… Who do you want to meet? What experiences are you looking to gain? What sights are your eyes longing to see? Your possibilities in life are endless. Allow yourself to get swept away by the wind, get your name out there, and be who you truly want to be.

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10 years ago

wow. this is the best part of my week. very inspirational. next monday quote: DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS AND SENSELESS ACTS OF BEAUTY.

10 years ago

love this quote! perfect for a Monday