Musical Muses: Joni Mitchell & Country Roads

This week’s Country Roads trend had me thinking backwards…

To a time where gates were seldom and untouched land was vast… where neighbors shared open doors and landline telephones still gave their distinct rings from kitchen walls.

I think of home. I think of the old dirt road I grew up on… in the Redwood forest… where my closest friends were my ponies and my imagination.

For most times in my life, there comes a musical muse. Country roads brought thoughts of Joni Mitchell spinning on our record player.

Singing sweet tunes of California as a little girl, having all the knowledge yet none at all… just how blessed I was to live in such splendor of a place.

To call California home.

Joni has always been one of my greatest style muses, and here we interpret the modern Joni in some of our favorite pieces.

country roads inspiration

Country Fair Velvet Dress, Moroccan Hip Belt, Joe Lace Up Boot.

What do country roads make you think of?

Much love to you all.


Nia Wang is a painter and visual artist, she captures those subtle and dreamy moments of life in detail with her watercolor and brushes. See more of her work and connect with her on Instagram @catsndreams.

She is a true gem!


  1. Ahhhh…love Joni Mitchell! Just recently have had a Joni revival in my listening collection and started crying while listening to her on a recent road trip….brought back so many good memories of singing, living in California, and listening to her honest voice. Loved your post…thank you.

  2. Went to a party down a red dirt road
    There were lots of pretty people there
    Reading Rolling Stone reading Vogue
    They said “How long can you hang around?”
    I said a week maybe two
    Just until my skin turns brown
    Then I’m going home

  3. “I had me a man in summertime
    He had summer-colored skin
    And not another girl in town
    My darling’s heart could win
    But when the leaves fell on the ground
    Bully winds came around
    Pushed them face down in the snow

    He got the urge for going
    And I had to let him go”

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