Natural Ways To Treat Under-Eye Circles And Puffy Eyes

Sleep and relaxation are important components to overall health and well-being. From improved memory to optimized heart health to increased creativity, the benefits are absolutely endless. But it’s not always that easy to get the amount of sleep we need each night – and sometimes it can show on our faces in the form of under-eye circles and puffy eyes. While the best cure is of course to treat the root cause, here are some natural, topical fixes for sleepy eyes… for the nights when proper sleep doesn’t fit itself into the plan.


Potato and boots

Potatoes contain a natural skin-lightening enzyme called catecholase, which can help diminish dark circles under your eyes. You can apply raw potatoes to your eye area by either cutting them into thin slices or by blending them up to create a paste. Apply for about 30 minutes and then remove, rinsing your eyes with cool water if necessary.

Mint leaves


Applying mint leaves to the eye area causes a tingling sensation, which increases blood flow to the area and can help dark circles fade away. Simply crush up a few mint leaves and apply to your eyes for about 5 minutes. Then wash away with cool water. For more of a paste, you can mix crushed mint leaves with honey or olive oil before applying to the eye area.

Tea bags

Tea bag on wood

The caffeine in caffeinated teas (like green tea) can temporarily tighten the skin around your eyes by constricting blood vessels and removing excess water, while herbal teas (like chamomile) soothe inflammation and discoloration with their anti-irritants. To apply, steep two tea bags and then allow to cool. Lay one bag over each closed eye for about 15 minutes while you lay down.

Rose water

Rose water

Rose water contains vitamins like A and C, and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, as well as a balancing effect, making it an all-around excellent choice for skin. You can use rose water on the eye area by soaking a cotton ball and applying to the area for about 10 minutes. (P.S. Find out how to make rose water!)


Cutting cucumber

Applying a cold cucumber slice to each eye may help to instantly calm tired, puffy eyes due to a cooling effect, and it may also help soften the skin around your eyes. Additionally, cucumber can work as a toner and brighten skin, helping to treat discoloration. Some may say that using cucumbers on the eye area is an old remedy that may just be all in your mind, but others seem to swear by it!

It’s important to note that while under-eye circles and puffiness can be due to lack of sleep, this is not always the case. Allergies, nasal congestion, and stress are common causes, as well. Identifying the cause will have you on your way to optimal health in no time.

If you have any other natural remedies, let us know!

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  1. Really helpful! Great Post :) Any suggestions for someone who doesn’t have these things in her home? Certain moisturizers or tools to make your skin brighter on the chilly days?

  2. My quick fix? Keep 2 teaspoons in the freezer… a minute or two under the eyes and bags are gone!! Never failed me yet :)

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  4. Potatoes and tea bags works more effectively. And sometimes a slight massage with milk also improves blood circulation around the eyes.

  5. There are many ways to treat dark eye bags, but according to retinal specialists natural remedies are probably the safest way to do it because some eye creams have chemical ingredients that are not good for the eyes. We need to understand that our eyes have pores and can absorb creams and liquid that we put on the surface (yes, even make-up),

  6. Obsessed with Made From Earth’s Cucumber Gel – It refreshes the areas around my eye — and I have also seen a significant decrease in puffiness,dark circles, and those dreaded fine lines (which makes this product an all-around must-have for me!). If you are in need of a new eye cream or just looking to spice things up definitely give it a try!

  7. I have a lot of dark circles because I have a son that doesn’t like to sleep. Seems to be killing it a little bit. so that i have start using DermalMD Under Eye Treatment Serum and I have very sensitive skin I haven’t had any allergic reactions or problems with dermalmd. Pretty much everything bothers my skin and DermalMD is doing a pretty good job. I highly recommend DermalMD I have no Faults with it at all.

  8. My dark circles are genetic, but the appearance of the purple has slightly diminished since I began using dermalmd under eye treatment serum regularly a couple weeks ago. Love how quickly it soaks into the skin.

  9. I use cucumber slices under my eyes – and they do work, but they sting, and are wet and cold! I hate that! They work OK but in addition to cucumber, try yogurt as well. Its still wet and goopey. Product wise, the Made from Earth Cucumber Gel works when you dont want to get cold and wet with real cucumbers and yogurt. I use the Made from Earth Cucumber Gel once a day for the last month, and I have noticed improvements in the wrinkles around my eyes, and I look less tired in general.

  10. This is a great soothing face mask . Cucumber on eyes is used for treating the dark circles under the eyes. This also reduce the swelling and puffiness around the eyes.

  11. Potatoes and tea bags works more effectively. And sometimes a slight massage with milk also improves blood circulation around the eyes.

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