Office Style: Something Extra

Sometimes it takes that extra touch to complete an outfit. Have you ever tried something on, looked in the mirror, and said to yourself, “This needs something….”? I do this all the time, and figuring out what that extra touch might be is sometimes tricky. The girls this week really inspired me with the way they accessorized their looks. From throwing on a hat to a pair of thigh highs, they added in all the right things to complete their outfits. Have a look!

Below, a pair of thigh highs was the perfect accessory to add to this layered look.

Thigh highs and white dress

outfit with hat

Throwing on a hat is an easy way to add extra style to an outfit. It’s fun to tie a scarf around it too for a pop of color!

pin cushion as bracelet

fringe pants

This was the first time I saw our Faded Fringe Love Pant on in person. The fringe detailing on the side looks amazing — especially when it’s in motion!

fringe pants detail

layered look with hat

hat detail

layered look and flower crown

A statement necklace and hat are great accessories to complete an outfit made from simple separates.

flower crown

boots with laces

Finishing off with a pair of ruffled socks gives this look a pretty and soft touch.

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