Apple Cider Vinegar Uses & Benefits

I always keep a bottle of apple cider vinegar in my home. It seems to constantly transport back and forth between my kitchen cabinet to my bathroom cabinet because there are just so many uses for it. From cleaning supplies to face masks, the uses of apple cider vinegar seem to be never-ending, and today I’m sharing five of my favorites. Read More

5 Tips For Staying Positive

I have a confession.  Something that I have always struggled with in life is staying positive.  I wouldn’t call myself a negative person, necessarily, I just tend to fall somewhere in the middle.  I think it stems from the fact that I’m very anxious — I live very much in the future, always thinking about the consequences of my actions and potential negative outcomes.  Ever since reading The Power Of Now for our book club earlier this year, I’ve tried to confront this trait head on and do what I can to change my outlook.  It has been a goal of mine to be more positive, and it’s something that I continue to work on.  Read More

Ayurveda Journal, Week 1: Exploring The Senses

After having a glimpse into the world of Ayurveda at Temple of the Lotus last week, I’ve decided that this is something that I’d really like to incorporate into my life. I have a few physical ailments that I’ve been trying to resolve for quite some time, and in recent years I’ve acquired a thirst to become more connected with myself and my surroundings, and to learn how to be truly present. I have a strong feeling that Ayurveda is exactly what I’ve been needing all this time. Read More

Free People Models Off Duty

We had another new model – Farah – in the office this week, so of course we had to feature her in our Models Off Duty post! The theme this week seemed to be earth tones, with army green, burnt orange, and midnight blue taking charge of the models’ casual, fall looks. Read on to see what Farah, Alyssa, and Anastasia wore to work this week, and how to get the looks for yourself. Read More

Scenes From The Office

We have many different areas that make up the Free People Home Office. From design pods to the store display workshop, there always seems to be some new addition that pops up in each section week after week. I like getting the chance to capture this ever-changing environment that we work in. Have a look! Read More

Geo Sport: The Trend Illustrated

The colorful prints and bright hues of summer days have passed on by… but fret not, fall makes way with plays on stripes, vertical grids, and floral prints all in graphical black and white arrangements. In this case, opposites surely attract. Black and white graphics enable us to keep our look clean and sophisticated without losing our edge. Read More