Which Perfume Matches Your Personality?

I love when people have a signature scent.  Sometimes it is their perfume or cologne, or sometimes it’s a mixture of their laundry detergent and soap, or other times it’s the aroma of their home that they carry with them.  You begin to associate them with that scent, and you could be miles and miles away from them but you catch a whiff of it and it makes you think of them.  It tugs at your heart, brings back memories, can make you feel happy or at ease…scent is such a powerful thing. I love that a person’s scent can tell you certain things about their personality, too.  I put together this little quiz so you can see which type of scent matches your personality — try it out and let us know how accurate the results are!

Your go-to outfit is:

a)      Jeans and a t-shirt
b)      A lace blouse or dress
c)       A flowing maxi and lots of layers
d)      A little black dress

Your dream trip would be:

a)      Camping in the woods with a group of close pals
b)      A romantic getaway to Paris with your love
c)       Exploring the sights and secret passageways of Morocco
d)      A girls’ getaway in New York City complete with wild nights on the town

Your usual beauty routine involves:

a)      Keeping it natural – moisturizer, lip balm, and an easy top knot
b)      Loose curls and pastel makeup shades like soft pink
c)       Boho elements like braids, head pieces, and eye makeup that adds mystery
d)      A little mascara here, some liner there, and a bold red lip is your go-to

Your favorite way to unwind is:

a)      Spending time outdoors, riding your bike or hiking
b)      Spending time with loved ones and/or furry friends!
c)       Checking out a concert or listening to music
d)      Shopping with your girlfriends

The last album you listened to was:

a)      The Rolling Stones – you’re a sucker for classic rock.
b)      Feist –  the perfect mixture of pretty and powerful.
c)      Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – you love their positive energy.
d)      Daft Punk – it gets you pumped for a night out!

If you picked…

…mostly A’s: Your signature scent is FRESH.

what's your perfume scent

You’re a tomboy at heart, like our Free People girl Lou.  You are active, outdoorsy and have a classic style — you gravitate towards clean, bright scents with citrus notes that are as energetic as you are.  Some scents you may love are Philosophy Pure Grace, Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua, Clean Shower Fresh, L’Eau 2 Kenzo pour Femme.

what is your perfume scent

…mostly B’s: Your signature scent is FLORAL.

what's your perfume scent

You are sweet and a romantic at heart, just like our Free People girl candy.  You love romantic, floral perfumes that remind you of the sweeter things in life. Some scents you might love are Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone, and Flower by Kenzo.

what's your perfume scent

…mostly C’s: Your signature scent is WOODY.

what's your perfume scent

You are an outdoorsy lover of nature, just like Free People girl Meadow.  You have a bohemian soul and love to wander and explore, floating along like a free spirit in the wind.  You are drawn towards woody, musky perfumes with hints of nature in their complex aromas.  Some scents you would love are Prada Infusion d’Iris, Balenciaga Paris, Diptyque Tam Dao, and Chanel Bois des Iles.

whats your perfume scent

…mostly D’s: Your signature scent is SPICY.

what's your perfume scent

You’re sultry and intriguing like our Free People girl Ginger.  You have a flair for the dramatic and you love bold scents with spicy notes that linger long after you’ve left the room.  Some scents you would love are Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, Lust by LUSH, and Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Liquid Nude Eau de Parfum.

what's your perfume scent

What is your favorite perfume scent, and does it match your personality type? We’d love to know!

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8 years ago

Surprise… I am a mix of Candy and Meadow, just like always. I love florals and woody/nature smells.


8 years ago

How about that…I answered mostly d’s and my go-to perfume is Lust by LUSH, just like you guys suggested. Spot on :)

8 years ago

Mostly C’s. My go-to perfume is this particular vanilla perfume that’s very dry and light and I just love it.

8 years ago

Mostly C’s, just as I thought ^^


8 years ago

I got a blend of C’s and D’s with one B, so maybe I’m just a chameleon. ;) Strange thing is my go to scent is always fresh, graceful and floral so I guess I’m more of a mixed gal!

8 years ago

I picked mostly Ds and this description is perfect… My answers were all Ds with one C, and I do love a woody scent also. Awww you get me :)

8 years ago

C’s and D’s here. The results weren’t very surprising – more dead on, than anything. I love musky, spicy scents. My go-to perfumes are ‘My Place or Your’s, Gina?’ by Benefit and ‘Sensual Amber’ from Bath and Body Works!

8 years ago

That’s funny. I got A’s and B’s and wear either Pure Grace or Eau So Fresh everyday. Very accurate!

8 years ago

Almost all of mine were C’s, description and perfume were so accurate!

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

Most;y B’s and it couldnt be more accurate my scent is indeed Jo Malone Wild Bluebell :)

8 years ago

All B’s, and never a day without Marc Jacob’s Daisy <3 <3 Spot On!!

8 years ago

I got mostly A’ and I never go a day without Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua!! Also Acqua di Gioia by Armani is a good fresh scent !
I love the Free People Blog !! <3

8 years ago

Mostly A’s and C’s, which is pretty spot on
But then there is the “D” in me, where I like to smell sultry and spicy
Loved this quiz! Definitely should make more quizzes more often FP!

8 years ago

mostly c’s! yet, my favorite scents are florals.

8 years ago

I could go with either a’s or b’s in all of them which was amazing because I do love the citrusy scents with hints of the romantically sweet. I never go a day without my Nina by Nina Ricci. It’s the perfect mix for me.

8 years ago

I got mostly a’s but I love the woody scents too

Pegi Wolff
6 years ago

Mostly D’s. My fav right now is Tocca Cleopatra. Does that line up?

4 years ago

Now how intersting is this?! =8-) I got all C’s but one and just fell in love with a new perfume yesterday: Tam Dao by Diptyque. So for me you’re 100% accurate.