A Romantic Palette: Ruby, Amber, & Amethyst

As we go deeper into fall, we’re naturally drawn to a darker, more sensual color palette; one that brings about feelings of romance and passion; one that’s reminiscent of ruby, amber, and amethyst. These three words in and of themselves hold so much beauty and knowledge. Each brings to the mind a gorgeous color and the thought of a powerful gemstone — or a gift of fossilized sap brought by prehistoric trees, in the case of amber. Allow yourself to give in to the desire to surround yourself with such beautiful colors… and any rich textures that evoke a similar feeling.


Amethyst on wood

Amber tank and necklace


Velvet pants

Amber glass and candles

Maroon hat


Purple dress

Red tea


Amethyst on arm

Products pictured: Burnout Velvet Pleat Pant, Hello Gorgeous Dress, LA Nite Tank, Fritz Statement Fringe NecklacePatton Porkpie Hat, Double V Ring

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  1. I tend to gravitate to jewel tones, they are just so rich and beautiful. Fall is the perfect time to showcase them – they are breath taking when layered together…

  2. This is a great post, and such beautiful images as always. Coincidentally, I also just wrote a similar post on this, but specifically covering the color oxblood/burgundy. It is such a sensual color and adds a wonderful pop of color to the winter drabiness (I know, not a word, but sure rhymes with crabiness, which I feel like everyone starts getting in the dead of winter from the lack of sunlight): http://theinternetandtheunicorn.blogspot.com/2013/10/color-of-season-oxblood.html

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