Song Of The Week: The Amazing, “Gone”

Here is the start of a new tradition. Every week, I will share with you my song of the week.

The song that did something for my whole being, and in an instant, my outlook was shifted, my creativity spurred, my sadness lifted… my dancing feet groovin’.

Music is infectious, contagious… and has this uncanny ability (much like a special person in your life, the special person) to turn any situation into a better one, all within the first few beats and good lyrical prose.

This week, what better band to feature than… The Amazing. Name says it all, does it not? Within seconds of hearing “Gone”… I was in fact just that. Gone to some other dreamy reality where I swayed to and fro, eyes closed, laying underneath a blanket of clouds… making  animal shapes with the man I love.

This music has rhythm that resembles the nature of a dear friend, one that can always, at any time… unannounced, walk calmly into your life and always be welcomed.

The Amazing – “Gone” from Partisan Records on Vimeo.

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10 years ago

i’m not always into the music you share on here, but I really like these guys

10 years ago

absolutely love it!

10 years ago

fits with the dreamy season we’re in