4 Ways To Stay Hydrated This Winter

When the weather’s hot, we know to hydrate our bodies. We feel ourselves getting dehydrated, and sipping water is a natural reaction. But when it cools down outside, it becomes easy to forget about that physical need for water. We might not feel as thirsty; we might not feel that urge to pour ourselves a glass of water – and that’s precisely why winter hydration is important: It doesn’t come as naturally.

We often go out of our way to moisturize our skin and hair in the winter, but it’s important to realize that if our bodies are dehydrated on the inside, it will be much harder to keep them hydrated on the outside.

One way I’m planning to make sure my body stays hydrated this winter is by creating a hydrating routine. It’s not going to be a rigid plan with strict guidelines for drinking specific amounts of water at specific times… it will be more of a general guideline of things I’d like to incorporate into my life on a daily basis — starting right now. In addition to the obvious (more water!), some of those things are the following:

juicy fruits

Many juicy fruits – like strawberries and grapefruits – are made up of over 90% water. Drinking water all day can sometimes get monotonous, so eating fruit is an excellent way supplement your water intake — you also get the added benefit of tons of vitamins and minerals! In addition, grapefruits are an alkali-forming food, which means they help keep your body chemistry in balance, assisting with disease correction as well as overall health maintenance. I like to start the day with a grapefruit and then wait about an hour before eating anything else.

fresh veg juice

Like fruits, vegetables are an awesome form of natural hydration — and juicing is one of the best ways to reap the benefits. Not only will your body get the water content of the vegetables, it will also get all of their nutrients — and absorb them quite quickly. The juice you see above is made with kale, celery, cucumber, ginger, fennel, and chia seed.

Flax Seed Gel 2

Flax seeds

This is a brand new tip I learned from Ayurveda expert Lilavati. When I told her that I was having a hard time staying hydrated, she suggested flax seeds. If you soak the seeds in water overnight, they will fill with water and produce a gel-like substance. Drinking this substance will coat your stomach, helping your body to retain moisture and feel more hydrated throughout the day. Use about 1 teaspoon of seeds with 1/4 cup-worth of water. You can use a strainer to separate the seeds from the liquid, or try filtering the liquid as you sip, using your teeth to catch the seeds before they enter your mouth.

Coco water

Black and white coconut

Coconuts are great for hydration – in the form of both water and oil. Coconut water is one of the most naturally hydrating drinks in existence. In addition to being about 95% water, coconut water is filled with electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to keep you hydrated and healthy. As for coconut oil, I’ll be applying the goodness that is this natural moisturizer on my skin at least once a day. I have a jar of coconut lavender conditioner I made that sits by my desk at work, which I’ll be applying to my hands, elbows, and lips whenever I need it. Yes, its intended purpose was to be a conditioner, but it’s made with ingredients that are great for skin, too (It also smells absolutely delicious).

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How will you stay hydrated this winter?

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  1. I drink tea all day! It warms you up from the inside while hydrating, and it’s much easier on the digestion than cold drinks.

  2. Be careful with the coconut oil, if used for a long period of time it can actually cause a lot of drying on your skin! Works best as a deep conditioner for hair that is washed out.

  3. With the chia water I purchase at my local juice spot you drink everything including the chia seeds. It’s funny to eat them since their gooey haha.

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  4. Got a little more info on the flax seeds and am updating it in the post, as well — put 1 teaspoon of seeds in a glass and fill with 1/4 cup-worth of water. In the morning, you can use a strainer to separate the seeds from the liquid, or try filtering the liquid as you sip, using your teeth to catch the seeds before they enter your mouth. Hope this helps! And I believe you can use chia as well :)

  5. I think hydration is a great beauty tip – I’ve noticed my skin looks the best after I’ve had lots of water, and especially after days of drinking lots of water. But adding fruit, seeds and the other ideas you’ve suggested to the mix is a great idea, especially as drinking that much water can be tedious

  6. If you take any prescription meds, be careful with the grapefruit!!! For many of the same reasons that grapefruits are so good for you, they can also be extremely dangerous. It has to do with how they are metabolized. I take an anti- narcoleptic drug and never would have thought to check for drug interactions when the farmers market by my house had huge, beautiful ruby reds on sale. I ate 3 and was hospitalized with heart palpatations and hallucinations. I miss them so much!

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