6 Benefits Of Eating Apples

UPDATE: This post originally ran September 16, 2013, but we wanted to bring it back to make sure you all got a chance to discover the benefits of this delicious fruit!

Apples are a fundamental part of fall. Going apple picking, drinking fresh apple cider, baking crisp apple chips… It all feels so right when thinking about this beautiful season. Apples are incredibly delicious, and they have many benefits — of which you may not even be aware! Today I want to share the health benefits of eating apples. But first, here’s a photo of some common apples, along with how each tastes:

Types of apples

Now for the benefits! Apples may…

Increase endurance. Apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin, which allows oxygen to reach the lungs more easily. Eat an apple before working out and see how it affects your endurance!

Whiten teeth. Apples contain malic acid, which is used in many teeth whitening products, due to its ability to dissolve stains. The next time you eat an apple, make sure to chew it thoroughly for maximum benefits – maybe even rub a little on your teeth. :)

Fall boots and apples

Boost immune system. Apples are high in multiple vitamins, including vitamin C – the original immune system booster!

Satisfy cravings. Apples are naturally sweet, so they can help satisfy that afternoon cookie craving. They’re low in calories and totally fat-free, so you can feel good about eating them, too!

Cut up apples

Fight cancer. Apples contain compounds called triterpenoids, which may fight against certain cancers like liver, breast, and colon.

Improve memory. Apples are believed to increase the production of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter – so they may improve memory and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.

Girl holding apple basket

Get the most out of apple season and use these versatile fruits in every way you can! Some of our favorite recipes are apple spice granola, maple cinnamon apple chips, and caramel apple dipping sauce – all vegan and gluten-free!

Apple, leaves, and patterns

Do you have any benefits to add to the list? Let us know!

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  1. I am so glad I read this today! It’s perfect timing. My husband has gone on a vegan juice diet for weight loss, and one of the first mixers I bought was organic unfiltered apple juice. :) Nice to know he is getting these benefits! I like to pour a cup of apple juice and a cup of carrot juice in the blender with some ginger. So far, he likes it and it’s perfect for fall.


  2. I’m on the hunt for the perfect apple and cinnamon crumble recipe! But when I find it, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be eating it everyday till christmas!


  3. i just spend the weekend camping in a gorgeous garden on a family friend’s apple orchard/fruit farm in eastern washington. i read your blog religiously and
    could be borderline obsessed ;) of course you would blog about apple benefits the day after i return with 4 free people bags full of fresh, hand-picked apples! thanks for being on the same page :)

  4. Love apples…just be sure to buy Organic apples, the ones you buy in grocery stores they DO have a ton of pesticides on them, not mention, Washington State came out with the “Grapple” they were apples that were watered with grape juice, so they had a grape flavor to them when picked….IF this can be done, then that means pesticides that are sprayed are also going into the ground and being absorbed by the fruit, buyer beware!

  5. I love this! Love learning new things everyday! I Also wanted to know where your boots are from? Are they FP? I love them!

  6. i <3 apples!!!! apple picking = the best fall activity without a doubt! i made that apple spice granola recipe you had up a few weeks ago and its amazing! i got so many compliments and my friends and i ate it on top of our multigrain waffles :)

  7. I’ve been eating one apple a day for about 6 years now. That’s a lot of apples! And in every season I have my own favourite one.. I just love the variety! Nham! All I can say is that it probably works – I’m happy and healthy! :D Love the pictures, what a nice post!


  8. Oh no no, people! Please don’t rub apples into your teeth. Their acidic and erode your teeth. Once you erode that enamel, you can’t get it back. I juice my apples (with celery) and drink it with a straw :)

  9. Made me MISS WESTERN NEW YORK sooo much!! Mahalo for this amazing Apple Info!!
    And, a quick tip: I’ve recently become OBSESSED with Apples w/ Almond Butter (Raw, fresh ground Almond Butter, nothing BETTAH!)
    Allloooohhaaa <3

  10. I still believe that an “apple a day keeps the doctors away”, the simplest answers are the best, it could be as easy as reaching an apple on your food bowl and listening for the crunch and the juiciness while eating. The essential nutrients we can get from apple are just so many, it can also be a good healthy snack option while we are traveling or we could use it as a base when juicing. There are just plenty of styles you could consume this fruit and there are also many ways that apples will keep us healthy.:)

  11. I love apples! I try to eat them everyday, usually before the gym too! It’s nice to know about all the other benefits! :)

  12. Well every time I look for an apple, the very thought of *an apple a day keeps the doctors away* tosses in my mind. I knew it is healthy but before reading this article, I didn’t knew the exact healthy benefits it offered :)
    Wow I mean, good for teeth, immune system and for strength also. Apple is amazing, Isn’t it ;)
    Thanks for sharing wisdom through words!

  13. I love apples but is it true that there’s a lot of pesticide on the ones in grocery store? what can be done to
    clean off those critters, or is the apple contaminated already?

  14. I love love love apples.
    I honestly didn’t know they were teeth whiteners AND memory enhancers.
    Thank you for sharing!

  15. Apple a day keeps Dr. away. Multiple benefits of eating them I think these are good for our over all health.

  16. Apples also help women when they begin to get dry due to lack of estrogen, an apple a day does more than keep the doctor away ladies!

  17. They also soften the stones that sometimes build up in the gall bladder and other organs like the liver (seriously dangerous) because they have pectin. That facilitates easier evacuation, especially if it’s followed up after an apple fast with olive oil, lemon and enemas. People avoided gallbladder surgery doing this!

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  20. It is true apples are a boon to life. They also boost immune system, keep memory problems away, and prevent diabetes. Eating apples is also good for heart health and our teeth. So it is true ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’

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