Don’t Miss Alice & The Glass Lake At Free People Hollywood!

Today, I am so pleased to announce an incredible musician that will playing at our Space 15 Twenty space in LA. Please, come join us all on the 6th of November to get down and groovy with the AMAZING Alice & The Glass Lake. Alice will also be premiering her new video, and you can get a sneak peek at it in the stills below!

I had the opportunity to speak with Alice, and realized even more, what a gifted special soul this artist is.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

alice and the glass lake

Photo by Monica Felix

Alice! Where do you hail from?

My hometown is Madison, WI, though I’m now living in Brooklyn.

Did you grow up in a creative family? Did your parents encourage your artistic expression?

There are definitely creative tendencies in my family… both my parents love art and music. Neither of them pursued it professionally but they always encouraged my artistic expressions and still do— whether it be through poetry, music or visual art. Growing up I constantly had crayons, glitter, paints and musical instruments to play around with. I feel like that’s what I’m still doing.

When did you first realize your passion for singing and music?

You know, I was singing all around the house when I was very little… I was definitely a performer from day one. But I suppose the moment things formalized and I had an inclination to start lessons was in middle school. From there it just lasted and eventually progressed into original music.

alice and the glass lake

How would you define your sound?

It’s nature-inspired, lush and ethereal. Dream pop. I think my tendency towards visual inspiration is what leads to the sonic landscapes and layering… I just picture every part of the song as an imagined world.

What are you most excited about for the future…?

Making more music. Traveling and experiencing.

If you could collaborate with any other musician… dead or alive… who might that be? Why?

John Lennon. That would just be the best.

alice and the glass lake

Where do you find your inspiration?

I collect inspiration from everywhere… whether it’s something I see in the street, a passing word from a friend, a personal struggle. I would say I am most consistently inspired by how I feel in my environment. The city and the woods are equally as inspiring to me. I have a wild imagination and I let it take me places.

Your ideal day includes…

My ideal day includes exercise (preferably in a beautiful outdoor location!), good food, good conversation, and creative alone time.

Your style… How would you describe it?

My style is just a thrown-together amalgamation of things that make me happy—great fitting jeans, usually boots, earthy jewelry and shirts that make me feel good. There’s no rhyme or reason to it…

alice and the glass lake

Do you have a practice that helps you get through moments when you are creatively stumped?

Yes. I read a book or watch a movie. Sometimes you have to get out of your own head and listen to someone else’s story to become re-inspired…to remember how we’re all connected and creating for each other.

Tell me about the process of making your new video for “Coming Down”…

I approached Ida Rodriguez Joglar about a treatment for “Coming Down” since she had done such an amazing job with my first video for “Higher.” She came back with a beautiful idea about continuing the story of our previous work while incorporating my love of nature. The shoot itself consisted of three days in the Adirondack Mountains on Lake George and a final day in a New York performance space. The whole experience was magical… from the seamless crew to the breathtaking beauty of Lake George. I felt humbled by the experience… and also fascinated with watching all of its moving parts come together. Observing professional artists in their element (in this case photographers, director and filmmakers) is so thrilling to me.

If you were to pack one bag tomorrow and head anywhere… what would be in your bag, and where would you be going?

Maybe I’d like to go bird watching in the rainforest. In which case I’d bring binoculars, bug spray, a journal and a serious pair of hiking boots.

alice and the glass lake

You will be performing at Free People in Space 15 Twenty on the 6th of November… how did this collaboration with us come about? What in particular about this venue are you looking forward to…?

I wore Free People clothing in my video (the Circle in the Sand Tee) so it seemed like a natural thing to team up with the store in LA. I wanted to throw a release party and incorporate a live show… things with Space 15 Twenty fell into place beautifully. I’m looking forward to a fun and relaxed premiere celebration, made better by the fact that Ida will also be in town! The whole thing just feels right.

Three things you would love to master?

Pottery, sound engineering, yoga.

Your feelings about music today (as opposed to the industry in the 70’s…. of old Motown and Stones.. of Joni and Janis…)…is it changing in a good direction?

There is a lot of incredible music being made right now… people are feeling invigorated by an evolving market and becoming inspired to speak up creatively about the state of our world. That being said, the music you’re mentioning is our history, our foundation, and it’s crucial that we look to the Stones, Joni, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan and so many others as the reason why music is still evolving now. They were the innovators—and as long as music today pays homage to those roots while continuously pushing boundaries, I think we’ll be cool.

alice and the glass lake

Visit Alice & The Glass Lake online here!

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10 years ago

Do I need to RVSP to attend?

10 years ago

Gina– nope it’s free and open to the public!

10 years ago

Seems so cool! I would totally go and road trip all the way there if it weren’t for my college classes.