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Inspired by our element-centric November catalog, this is a post by Tracy Allen, who is the wise beauty behind the weekly horoscopes we post on the blog.

From the four humors of ancient Greece to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, philosophers, medical practitioners and psychologists alike have continually tried to explain people’s myriad temperaments through an assessment of their elements. Carl Jung’s typology theory (intuition, sensation, thinking, feeling)— though not an exact fit—may come closest to Western psychological astrology’s interpretation of the elements fire, earth, air and water. Jung’s types and astrology’s elements symbolize different modes of experiencing life and the kinds of energy that we are more and less attuned to.

A birth chart takes some of the guesswork out of which kinds of energy a person will draw from most and least. It’s like a cheat sheet that tells you what you’re made up of. With extra weight given to certain components of the chart such as the sun, moon and Ascendant, your energy pattern is largely indicated by the balance of elements. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; the earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; the air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; and the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Fire and air are positive, masculine, yang, active, extroverted, extensive and self-expressive. Water and earth are negative, feminine, yin, passive, introverted, intensive and self-containing. (Think of the words positive and negative like the ends of a battery, not in terms of good and bad. Similarly, active is not better than passive. Fire and air are directed outward, while earth and water are receptive.)

When you were born, the planets may have been distributed somewhat evenly throughout the elements, but it’s also common to have many planets in one or two elements and few or no planets in the others. The mode of functioning associated with an overemphasized element is likely to dominate, since you’re naturally inclined to overvalue it. Conversely, an underrepresented element often shows a way of operating that you repress, possibly causing problems over the course of time. So if you have many planets in air and no planets in water, you’re liable to prize intellect over emotion. A low or missing element will lead to a need for what that element represents, and whether you realize it or not, you’ll attempt to make up for the lack.

However, if you only know your sun sign, its element alone can reveal where you’re coming from, since the sun fuels the whole chart and symbolizes your core identity. All of the other planets orbit around the sun. You naturally orient yourself via its element and are apt to operate in that mode as a default. If you think of the expression “in your element,” you’ll grasp the concept. At least one of the following elements should resonate for you, and if it’s not your sun sign’s element, it may be the one that you have the most planets in.

Fire GIF

Fire is associated with inspiration, life force, action, enthusiasm, passion, vitality, courage, charisma, spontaneity, strength, possibility, will, faith and high spirits. Fiery people are dramatic, direct, forceful, demonstrative and exuberant. They have an inner spark, and they radiate with joie de vivre. They’re self-igniting, thus self-motivated. They dislike weakness and worries. Fire is inherently unstable, and its natural tendency is to rise. Its energy rushes outward, and fire-sign people are outgoing. They need to self-mythologize, seeing their lives as a grand adventure. The fire signs can be brash, impulsive, blunt, impatient, boisterous and flagrant. They’re daring risk-takers, but with a potential for haste and recklessness. “On fire” and “fired up” describe Aries, Leo and Sagittarius when they’re in their element. Overdoing fire can cause you to burn yourself out. If someone has little or no fire in their chart, they may have low energy and lack passion and confidence. They probably have some fear of taking action and may not really trust life. These types could benefit from a fiery person lighting a fire under them. Vigorous exercise is one antidote to low fire, since it heats you up, and sunshine has the power to revive flagging spirits.


Earth is interested in what is tangible, concrete, useful and sensible. People with lots of earth in their charts are dependable—as in salt of the earth, rock solid— and practical—as in down to earth, grounded. They’re hands-on, preferring to deal with substance and matter and form. You can rely on earthy types, because of their firm roots. Earth signs are patient, self-disciplined and industrious. They stabilize by imposing order on their world. A Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn is here to actualize and manifest. Sensory experience takes precedence, gifting them with a notable sensuality. No other element is as in touch with the body. Earth signs operate in the material world, so they can be overly materialistic, and their rootedness may lead them to be overly controlled, conservative and cautious—a stick in the mud. Unlike the other elements, earth stands still. But it’s capable of building upon itself as well, and a lack of earth can spell a lack of resourcefulness and structure, an inability to dwell in the here and now. Quick fixes: A walk in nature will get you to feel the ground beneath your feet, while a massage reconnects you with your body.


Air is concerned with thinking, relating, communication, concepts and comprehension. Sociability, abstract reasoning, curiosity, logic, objectivity and intellectual perspective are all strengths. With so much emphasis on the mental and verbal, one might question why relationships are associated with this element. Air signs thrive on exchange. Just as they need to associate one thing with another in their heads, they need personal interaction. Humans forge connections through language; to relate means to tell. Air itself moves horizontally, and airy people relay information and give and take ideas. Their minds are lively, which can sometimes overload their nervous systems. If they talk too much, we say they’re full of hot air. When they live in their heads, they’re labeled airheads. And if they’re all theory with no practicality, the expressions fly-by-night and flighty can apply. Their rational broad-mindedness gives air-sign people a detached, dispassionate quality, yet someone with little or no air in their chart will have a harder time adapting to new ideas and unfamiliar people. If you’re overdoing your air, meditation helps to still the mind. If this is your low or missing element, fresh air awakens the mind, restoring alertness.


Water’s domain is sensitivity, intuition, compassion and imagination. The water signs are all about emotions and vibes. They’re aware of how they feel, how you feel and what the tone in the atmosphere is. Watery types are known for their depth, given that water seeks the deepest level. They have considerable access to the subconscious, so they’re attuned to hidden undercurrents. By nature, water is nonlinear and penetrating, and these signs are subjective and empathic. Waves of feeling can make one moody, but letting feelings wash over you can be healing and purifying. Like water, feelings may flow or freeze. Emotionality causes someone to get misty or feel like they’re in a fog. When overwhelmed by feeling, people say they’re drowning or they’re in too deep. Water signs are vulnerable, considering their susceptibility to the environment, and this makes them rather private and self-protective. They can become ultrasensitive and overly impressionable, tending towards wallowing and compulsion. But too little water makes it hard to trust one’s gut and process—or even sanction—emotions, creating emptiness, callousness and fear of pain. For people who lack the element in their charts, being in or near water seems to promote connection with sentiment and soul.

While reading the above descriptions, you no doubt thought of others in your life and perhaps wondered about compatibility. Traditionally, each sign is assumed to be compatible with the other signs in its element as well as the signs in its polarity (remember fire and air are yang, while earth and water are yin.) So if you’re an Aries, you’re thought to be compatible with Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Sometimes the opposite signs (Aries-Libra in this case) are said to be a good match, and sometimes you’re told to avoid each other like the plague. It’s very true that the elements have varying degrees of compatibility. Air fans fire, whereas water and earth extinguish it. But there’s much more to the rapport between two people than the elements of sun signs, although the overall blend of elements generally points to the type of chemistry involved. People with seemingly incompatible charts are often drawn to each other out of an unconscious need for completion. If you’re missing an element, you can fill it in through relationships. Just because you don’t have any water in your chart doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings! Someone with plenty of water in their chart is bound to help you draw them out.

Consciously and unconsciously, we all compensate for elements that we don’t have, don’t favor or don’t know how to use. We do this not only through relationships, but also through behavior. As an example, if you don’t have any fire in your chart, you may emphatically stand up for yourself at random times because self-assertion doesn’t come naturally to you and every once in awhile you get tired of feeling like the meek one. Or your boyfriend might have several planets in water signs and only one in earth, but as a male, his culture encouraged him to make money, fix every problem and keep it together (earth) rather than follow his instincts, do something more artsy and talk about how he’s feeling (water.)

Even more important than your relationships with others is your relationship with yourself. The balancing act you perform with your elements is an indicator of how all the different parts of you get along with each other. No element (and no sign, for that matter) is better or worse than another. Every single one is essential if we want to be well-rounded individuals experiencing the full spectrum of life. If an element isn’t well represented in your chart, all the more reason to strive to understand it and work with it. But make a point of honoring the element of your sun sign, because it’s the stuff you’re made of, and it will nourish and sustain you. Respect the best fire, earth, air and water have to offer and attempt to draw it out in yourself and others; then try to accept humanity’s imperfect expression of the elements. A sense of humor helps!

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9 years ago

I am really loving the elemental themes in the blogs! :)

9 years ago

I agree with Leanna, it’s such a great theme :)

9 years ago

I’m a leo myself, but with a lot of water signs in my chart. I notice the seasons bring out my different moods. Great post!

9 years ago

I myself have both air signs in my moon and sun signs, although I find myself to act with water sign traits, I feel special knowing that am awhile air, although I totally understood when the article said that we need to ground ourselves. Great article, would love to know more about this topic!

9 years ago

Five of my planets are in fire signs. My mars and moon are in Aries and my Venus, Saturn, and Uranus are in Sagittarius and I sound nothing like the fire sign description. In fact, the description of a lack of fire in the chart sounds more like me. The planets that are in Aries are in the 12th house and the planets that are in Sagittarius are in the 8th house. Both of these houses are ruled by water. Do you think the houses that these planets are in makes a difference?

9 years ago

Jake, Stephen Arroyo’s book Astrology, Psychology and The Four Elements is good, though some of it is geared more towards counseling astrologers. If you want me to think of recommendations for beginner books, email me or tweet me and I’ll come up with some. With air sun and moon, I’m guessing you like to read!

Sarah, that’s a lot of fire! Saturn and Uranus count when you’re adding up your fire planets, but they don’t say as much about your personality, since they change signs much less frequently than your moon, Venus and Mars. (Your generation has Uranus in Sag, and people born within a year or two of you have Saturn there.) But three of your five personal planets are in fire, so we need to get them working for you! And that’s such a great question about the houses. The water houses are much more private, and the house a planet is in (as well as the house it rules) shows an area of life where the planet’s energy is most likely to express. Your Venus in Sag comes out in very close relationships like best friends and romantic partners, because the 8th house rules closeness/intimacy/sex/trust. The 12th house rules solitude and the subconscious, so you may express your Aries when you’re alone or when you’re not aware of it. Planets in the 12th are the most difficult to bring to conscious awareness. I think of this house as just outside our peripheral vision. But others have probably seen your Aries in sudden bursts of action or temper or impatience that blow over quickly. If you’re Aries rising, it will be easier for you to let your moon and Mars out more. But if you’re Taurus rising, Taurus’s containment would make it more challenging for you to express your Aries side freely. It’s so interesting that the lack of fire describes you. The wateriness of the 8th and 12th could be putting your fire out, so to speak. It’s harder for you to access when it’s tucked away in those houses, but it’s there! And don’t feel bad…this type of challenge is very common. I hope that helped, but let me know if you have other questions.

9 years ago

Loved this article! My planets are evened out pretty well among water, earth and air. Especially water and air with my sun being a libra and my moon being a cancer. When reading the article, though I could identify with air and water, I felt a strong desire to be fire. Is this my own subconscious need to even my self out?

9 years ago

this is amazing, thank you tracy.

9 years ago

Awesome post. It is really wonderful. Thank u for posting. Keep posting.

5 years ago

Great article. I agree in most parts except in the last paragraph wherein you mentioned to honor the element of our sun sign because we are all made of our sun sign. If that were the case then our natal chart would be useless because it contains not just the sun. We are all made of different parts (aka the planets & signs) & not just one particular planet just because its your zodiac sign. Probably your statement applies more if you’re a Sun dominant or have a strong Sun but what if you have a weak Sun? Like in my case, my Sun isn’t even among my top 5 planets though my Moon is among them.

5 years ago

FP Tracy: That’s interesting to know because I too have the same situation with Sarah. I have 3 planets in fire signs (Sun in Aries, Moon in Sag & Mars Rx in late Leo), 2 in earth (Jupiter & Saturn in Virgo) plus Chiron in Taurus, 1 water (Mercury in Pisces plus pisces ASC) & 1 air (Venus in early Gemini) though if I exclude Jupiter & Saturn, I wouldn’t have any earth. However of all the 4 elements, the earth sounds more like me than the other three. As far as houses are concerned, I have 3 planets, Chiron & Node in earth houses (Chiron in 2nd, 2 planets plus node in 6th & my chart ruler planet in 10th exactly conjunct MC), Sun in 1st house conjunct 2nd house & Moon in 9th conjunct MC. Aspect wise, my ASC, MC, Moon, Mercury & Natal Chart ruler are all heavily aspected by Saturn (ASC in exact orb) and Saturn minor aspects on my Sun (inconjunct) and Mars (semi-sextile). As for the others, I have 2 planets in fire houses (Sun in 1st but conjunct 2nd house & Moon in 9th but conjunct MC), 2 in water houses (Mercury in 12th conjunct ASC & Uranus in 8th), 3 in air houses (Venus in 3rd, Saturn in 7th & Pluto in 7th but conjunct 8th house).

5 years ago

Excellent blog, thank you for the information. I was just knowing about the elements of astrology but was not knowing such detailed information about it.

4 years ago

Excellent information. This concept is something which hasn’t discussed much before.Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

the article was amazing ty for posting