Blogger Diary: A Walk In The Park

New York City is a roaring giant. People, cars, buildings, noises…a sensory overload at large. It’s an experience to immerse yourself into that. As only a visitor to the city, I can handle this in small doses, but I’m still unsure if I could ever one day call NYC home.

I trained into the city last Friday on a work trip. It was rainy and cold, and being raised in Florida, I’m still not quite used to the fall temps of the northeast. I was there for the day, but got most of my work done in the morning so I had a few hours to spare. I had been in a dark studio all morning in Brooklyn, and was hoping that the weather may have turned brighter as I was leaving. I walked outside and the sun had escaped the clouds.

For the amount of times I’ve visited the city, there was one thing I had never done, but was meaning to do: take a walk in Central Park.

Since the sun came out, I hailed a cab and went straight there. On the way, I was thinking to myself that it’s crazy I’ve never spent any real time in such a large part of the city. For something that takes up nearly 2.5 miles, you’d think you would run into it at some point…

I got out of the cab, grabbed a hot dog from a cart, and started my walk through Central Park. At the end, I understood why so many people cherish this part of the city. It’s the green center of a concrete sea. It’s a place where you can find some peace and silence when you want to get away. It’s a place to sit, a place to play, a place to meet and a place to just be.

I like it there.

central park lake


park path

fall tree colors

overlooking the park

central park tunnel

city view and man walking

yellow trees

park bench

red flowers

willow trees in the park

two dogs looking at the camera

sunlight in the park

two guys walking

falling leaf

sitting on bench

bike ride in park

grabbing a leaf from the tree

central park border

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  1. I did an internship in college in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There I learned enough about city life that I can confidently say I would love to live in a huge city. I hope to visit Central Park one day. If I ever live in NYC, it will where I take my kids every weekend. :)

  2. You walked in my favorite part of the park! I have so many of these same photographs. It’s so funny to imagine how many people have walked these same paths…

  3. My daughter lives in Manhattan and LOVES Central Park! I am a country bumpkin’.
    Beautiful pictures :)
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Can’t believe you had never been! Gorgeous photos!! When I was there, it was just at the beginning of all the beautiful colours. You lucked out!

  5. These photos make my heart just absolutely swell! I am so incredibly jealous of the amazing East Coast Autumnal foliage; here in Southern California I’ve literally had to go searching high and low to find one Fall-like tree to admire!
    Such a great post, and the loveliest of photos!


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