Creating A Warm Atmosphere In Your Home

The onset of November means winter is well on its way. The unavoidable dip in temperature means we spend more time indoors… which is great news for those who love decorating, like myself. To me, there’s nothing better than spending a winter evening in a warm, cozy home, surrounded by people that make you happiest. I’ve always felt that homes that have the warmest atmosphere are those that feel the most lived in. Here are my personal tips on how to inject that coziness into your home this winter.

1. Fill it with texture.

Textured pillows

Textured decor

It always seems that clean, sleek décor gives a cooler vibe, whereas textured décor feels warm and comfy. Throw a textured blanket on your couch or bed… place a cut glass candle holder atop some crochet fabric. Anything that feels layered and mixed will contribute to a warm, cozy atmosphere.

2. Add lots of rugs.

Cat on rug

I’m a huge fan of wooden floors, but I’m an even huger fan of rugs on top of those floors. Of course rugs will help to physically warm your space by offering a cozy spot for your feet to graze, but even just the addition of one rug to a room can make a space feel warmer, just by looking at it.

3. Make use of your windowsill.

Incense windowsill

Do any of you have a love for windowsills like I do? They always seem so intimate and pleasant to me. Make use of your windowsill by displaying decorations… feathers, candleholders, rocks… any little trinkets or specimen you’ve collected over the years.

4. Display your artwork.

String wall hanging

If you’re a creator – as I know many of you are – you probably have an entire closet filled with creations you’ve worked on. Find a home for them. Display them with pride and let them inspire you for a future of more creations. If you don’t own anything you’ve made, make something specifically to display in your home. My wall was feeling bare one day, so I filled the space with this simple wall hanging, which I made from a stick and some string. Simple, yes, and it makes me smile every time I see it. If that’s not a feeling of warmth, I’m not sure what is.

5. Scent your space.

Candles on wooden tray

Our sense of smell is such a powerful thing, and pleasant smells can bring about the most positive feelings in the world. Make potpourri, light some incense, or burn candles in every room. A scented home is a cozy home, no doubt about that. I love the idea of placing candles on something portable (like this wooden tray), so that you can easily carry them with you when you move on from one room to the next, as the warmth of their light and goodness of their scent make a trail throughout your home.

6. Be informal.

Closet door open

Necklaces on wall

There’s a homey feeling that goes along with letting your bed stay unmade for the day, or slipping your shoes off in the middle of your bedroom. Leave your closet door ajar, hang necklaces on your wall, drape your curtain over the top of a mirror instead of tucking it neatly away. If you make your space feel lived in, you’ll enjoy living there all the more.

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Really enjoyed looking through…
i agree with your all points.. mostly like the display your artwork point.. it is quite interesting..

10 years ago

So cozy looking…

10 years ago

it looks so warm and peaceful…love your color palette.

10 years ago

It looks so cozy and inviting…you’ve given us some great ideas.

10 years ago

My room must be the warmest of them all… shows wherever I dropped them, clothes are on hooks all over the walls due to a tiny closet, and my dresser always has random lipsticks and jewelry on it. I like to keep herbs on my window sill in the warmer months.

10 years ago

I always love the posts that show a sneak peak into someone’s home. It is so interesting to see how everyone has such a unique, interesting personal style! I would love to share pictures of how I decorate my space!

10 years ago

These pictures are so beautiful. Perfect room to read in and just cozy up with a cup of tea

10 years ago

Oh Bridgette this is beautiful! You seriously have the best eye. Your decor always inspires mine so much!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

This looks so comfortable and earthy. I have no problem with the “leave your bed unmade for the day” suggestion! haha!

10 years ago

I’m moving soon, so this is great inspiration of how I want to decorate my bedroom! Thanks!

10 years ago

I love these ideas too! I recently discovered the best smelling candles that come in vintage tea cups and glass ware on etsy. They totally add to the cozy vibe here. They are called Jujiwicks. the sandalwood is the best!

10 years ago

This is such a beautiful space…This is how I imagine my house to be one day!!

10 years ago

Great post! I currently moved into a place with all wood floors, and have been on the hunt for rugs. They all seem to be SO expensive though! Do you have any suggestions on how to find rugs on the cheap?


10 years ago

Awesome way of feeling the winter peeping in through the window. The rugs make you feel the season. The decor is beautiful. Can anyone help with winter carpets for my houtskeletbouw (timber) floors.

10 years ago

This is very nice idea to Creating A Warm Atmosphere In Home. I like that.

10 years ago

A warm and a cuddling ambiance to the home. Can anyone suggest me some home decor for my timber frame house? I am looking forward to something that does not need any much of attention as I am in the house only 20% of the week.. but still love and miss my home.

9 years ago

No comment