Holiday Party Backdrop

Around the holidays, a backdrop is the perfect thing to incorporate into parties or gatherings. When people are celebrating under one roof, cameras will be out and ready to document the night, and having a festive background will get everyone excited. Backdrops can really set the mood of a party, and they pretty much guarantee awesome party pictures! This year, we were really inspired by the fresh color palette that gold and white creates, and it’s a nice switch from traditional holiday colors. After gathering up some simple supplies, this holiday backdrop was affordable and easy to create. Here’s how we did it!

girl in dress in front of backdrop

The white flag banners might look like a lot of work, but it’s actually amazing how simple and fast they were to make. For this backdrop, we created 4 strands using three different sized triangles. 

backdrop supplies

What you need:

White cardstock



Glue gun


drawing out triangles

First, use a straight edge to draw out three different sized triangles on a piece of card stock.

three different triangles

Once you cut the first three out, you will have guides to trace to make the rest of the triangles. We made one strand of 10 big triangles, one strand of 30 tiny triangles, and two strands of 15 medium triangles. Depending on the space you are working with, you may need to add in some more or make them shorter.

hot glue gun on paper triangle

Next, place a line of hot glue at the top of the triangle.

pressing down paper to twine

Take your rope and press it down on the glue to secure it. Repeat this process until you have all of your banners made!

white triangle banners on wall

Find a space that you are going to use for your backdrop, and start draping the banners. I used white duct tape to secure mine to the brick, but if you don’t mind making some holes in a proper surface, you could use tacks or nails as well!

holding twine

Next, take some twine and create long stands by tying three pieces together.

white triangle banners and twine

Incorporate the strands in with the white banners. Feel free to add in as many as you would like!

gold balloons

And now for the balloons! You can find gold balloons at a party, craft or grocery store. These places should also be able to fill them up with helium. If you are unsure, I would call the store beforehand and ask. Most grocery and party stores should have a helium tank!

I had 16 balloons filled with helium, but bought some extra to fill up with air and let them fall to the ground.

balloons tied to rocks

Your helium filled balloons might come with weights, but I liked the look of weighing them down with rocks instead. If you choose to do this, just be careful when tying them to the rocks so they don’t float away!

balloons floating

balloons and tinsel on ground

Finally, add in some gold tinsel and your backdrop is complete and ready for pictures!

DIY holiday backdropgirl in pretty dress holding balloon

For more holiday inspiration, shop Tis The Season!

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9 years ago

This looks more New Years than Christmas or Thanksgiving to me, so I am going to book mark it for then. Might try it with red and green for Christmas, too!

9 years ago

Oh, this looks so lovely! Super sweet, I like the idea with rocks!

9 years ago

aww really pretty! great idea! :)

9 years ago

Love the different sizes of triangles! Such an awesome idea!

9 years ago

Love the dress! Is it from the Holiday collection?

Too cute!! Love the white and gold contrast, perfect for parties!!

you know who
9 years ago

your are so very creative ,everything looks so festive gets you in a party mood.
Bring on the champagne. :)

9 years ago

Oh my goodness I am obsessed with this! It seriously is ideal!

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

I love this idea!

5 years ago

This backdrop is simple but it look so beautiful. Great Job.