DIY Holiday Eucalyptus Chandelier

We still may be weeks away from Thanksgiving, but holiday decorating is already on my mind. Nature-inspired holiday décor is always my go-to, and today I have a DIY for an alternative wreath… which is actually a chandelier. This decoration could really be used year-round, but I added a bit of gold for a holiday touch.


2 bunches eucalyptus
Twig wreath (found at craft stores)
Copper wire (I used 22-gauge)
Brown string or twine
Gold spray paint (optional)

Eucalyptus chandelier DIY


1. Cut your eucalyptus stalks to the desired length and color with gold spray paint, if desired. I added just  a touch of gold to the tips of some pieces of eucalyptus.

Gold spray painted eucalyptus

2. Insert the end of one eucalyptus stalk between the twig pieces of the wreath. Using copper wire, wrap repeatedly around the twigs and eucalyptus in multiple directions until the eucalyptus is secure.

Eucalyptus DIY 5

3. Do this with each piece of eucalyptus, making sure to even out the weight around the entire wreath — otherwise your chandelier will hang lopsided once completed. (As you can see, it started to rain while I was making this!)

Eucalyptus DIY 4

4. Cut 4 pieces of string or twine, and tie around the wreath in 4 evenly-spaced spots, like so:

Eucalyptus DIY 3

5. Bring the ends of the string together and tie, forming a loop.

Brown thread in knot

6. Attach your gorgeous work of art to the ceiling and you’re all set!

Euc chandelier

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10 years ago

I love the way eucalyptus smells!

10 years ago

Just as a safety precaution, eucalyptus is not safe for dogs. Be sure to pick up any leaves that may fall, especially if your pets are like my little guy… everything goes in his mouth first.

10 years ago

This might be a dumb question, but where do you find eucalyptus like that??

10 years ago

Love the smell from eucalyptus and this is a beautiful DIY!!

10 years ago

Anna – if you have a Trader Joe’s you might want to call them. Our local TJs usually has eucalyptus for a very good price. I hang it in my shower. :)

10 years ago

This is just wonderful, I love the beautiful simplicity!

xo Mary Jo

10 years ago

This is a beautiful and creative idea.