Element Gift Guide: Air

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Every one of us can feel a connection to one of these. The air person sees the bigger picture. She’s artistic… abstract… charming… intelligent. She’s light and free… and on a lifelong quest for knowledge. Our November catalog is inspired by the elements, and each week I’m sharing a gift guide for each element. Here’s a light-hearted gift guide for those air people in your life.

Air element gift guide

This selection is inspired by airy fabrics that are light on your skin and let sunlight and air move through. She is the air. The French Courtship Slip lets her float along, fabric gently brushing her legs, while the Speckled Slouch Tall Socks make her feel as though she’s walking on clouds. The High Neck Victorian Top and Foiled Annabella Dress let her feel a light breeze, and the Tibetan Princess Collar reflects the sunlight in the most gorgeous way possible.

What would you give to the air person in your life? For some more gift ideas, have a gander at our holiday shops. :)

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