Element Gift Guide: Earth

Earth, air, fire, water. We can all identify with a certain element, even if that element changes from time to time. My star sign is an earth element, while in Ayurveda I’m known to be filled with fire energy, and I can honestly say that these are the two I’ve always felt most connected with. I have firey red hair and a loud personality, and I always gravitate towards earthy tones and textures, whether adorning my body or the space in which I live. Our November catalog is inspired by the elements, and today I’ve created a simple gift guide for the earth element. Filled with mossy greens and deep browns, and textures like those of the earth beneath our feet, here are some gift ideas for those earth people in your life.

Element gift guide - earthThe Dutchess In Velvet Harem Pants have the most gorgeous floral print on them — they look like they came straight from the earth. I love the mossy color and texture of both the FP X Back To Narnia Top and the Capsule Slouchy Beanie. The Fritz Statement Fringe Necklace makes me think of early morning sunlight shining through a forest of all trees, and the Cast & Crew Ankle Boots are the perfect pair to wander the surface of the earth.

If you’re in the mood to create, you can wood burn a little wooden treasure chest and fill it with homemade potpourri, or make an earth element jar!

What would you give to the earth person in your life? For some more gift ideas, have a gander at our holiday shops. :)

More on the elements: Astrology & The Elements

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  1. Tthis pic is a fraud. That blouse looks nothing like this in real life! It’s $98 and is a flimsy piece of crap! What happened FP??!!

  2. I can’t wait to read about your Water Element gift inspiration. And I like Bee’s question above; Any gift ideas for guys ?
    Keep up this wonderful blog! I love unwinding by browsing FP blogposts ! xox.

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