Element Gift Guide: Water

Earth, air, fire, water. We’re all made up of a combination of these elements, and each one of us can feel a certain connection with one more so than the others. The water girl is fluid and filled with emotion. She feels before she thinks, and cares very much for those around her. She’s magical and dreamy, carrying incense and herbs with her as she floats about. She finds love in everything she does, and shares it with those who cross her path. Here’s a gift guide for that water person in your life.

Element Gift Guide Water

The Before Sunrise Maxi flows calmly like a beautiful stream of water, while the Ode to Tea Shimmer Dress combines the white froth of the ocean with a glimmer of the sun’s reflection in the sea. Slide the Cozy Tall Sweater Sock over your knees and you’re instantly wading through the water at the beach, and clasp the Eddie Beaded Collar around your neck to remind you of a pond’s sunlit ripples. The Minimal Lace Up Heel is shocking and bright, like a tropical fish swimming happily along the ocean floor.

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