Free People Horoscopes, Week Of November 18-24

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.

zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO
October 23–November 21
Networking, socializing and teamwork lift your spirits this week when motivating Mars in your group sector meshes with inspiring Jupiter in your perspective house. Since Mars is all about action and he’s in a people-oriented part of your chart, consider how you might do something better with or for other people. Job responsibilities, daily duties or a health issue threaten your concentration now. Try to focus intently on one thing at a time to keep your brain at peak power. Prioritize whom you’re in touch with, giving more time to people you have genuine affection for and those who promote your growth. Think hard about what you want, recognizing that gratification isn’t right around the corner, but your work is slowly paying off. The sun is entering your resources zone, turning your attention to what you already have and what you’ll require for the next leg of your journey.




zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS
November 22–December 21
Rely on someone with more experience or knowledge than you when working to reach a goal this week, since eager Mars in your ambition angle is getting a lift from erudite Jupiter in your partnership house. Your thinking could veer off track if you let an impulse to play distract you, but when you refocus on priorities, your mind can penetrate a substantial subject and come up with deep insights. Valuable Venus in your self-worth zone is gelling with limit-setting Saturn in your endings sector, so giving yourself a deadline for finishing up old business of some sort will help you feel good about yourself. With the energizing sun blazing into your sign, you’ll gain momentum and enthusiasm for carrying out your agenda. Neptune may make it challenging to determine where to direct all this energy, but the uncertainty will pass shortly.




zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN
December 22–January 19
Travel, gutsy action and the pursuit of new experiences are all fueled by contagious enthusiasm, so don’t go it alone early in the week if you like the sound of pushing the envelope a bit. A communication glitch with friends or colleagues is a possibility, especially if you’re wrestling with your emotions or get thrown off-kilter by a family or domestic issue. But Pluto and Venus in Capricorn can set everything straight. Regain self-control, set healthy boundaries and seek to balance immediate personal satisfaction with the big picture of the new life you’re building—with the help of others. As the sun sneaks into your solitude sector, you’ll be more inclined to lay low and recharge your battery. If you start to get sluggish or overwhelmed, don’t feel guilty about hibernating. It’s a natural tendency in the weeks leading up to your birthday season.




zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS
January 20–February 18
You’ll reap the benefits of working in tandem with another person this week when dynamic Mars in your partnership house gels with favorable Jupiter in your health-and-job zone. Swap nutritious recipes, recruit an exercise buddy or go into business with someone whose complementary skills will help you to expand your career. Speaking of career, you could have trouble with higher-ups now if you say whatever crosses your mind. Keeping a lower profile is to your advantage at the moment, as Pluto and Venus in your seclusion sector have fortuitous meetings with Mercury and Saturn in your ambition angle. You don’t need to share the plans you’ve got percolating with everyone just yet. With the sun cruising into a very Aquarian part of your chart this week, start putting more energy into networking and socializing, even if you’re unclear on what’s to be gained.




zodiac sign illustrationPISCES
February 19–March 20
Relationships give you a boost this week when catalyst Mars in your one-on-one angle clicks with gregarious Jupiter in your fulfillment sector, giving you the courage to express yourself creatively and to put your heart on the line. The support of others inspires you to go to greater lengths in the pursuit of happiness, though inconsistent confidence could cause your optimism about the future to waver for a moment. Tap into the power of teamwork, friendship and professional connections to get your thinking back on track and remind you of everything you’re working for. With the sun climbing to the summit of your chart, your ambition heats up. But the sun’s encounter with fanciful Neptune in your sign could introduce disillusion over the discrepancy between your current position and the career of your dreams. Marry Neptunian vision with solar vigor, and you’ll have the fuel to work toward your ideals.




zodiac sign illustrationARIES
March 21–April 19
You’ll feel best if you take care of business at home and on the job when just-do-it Mars in your tasks zone syncs with encouraging Jupiter in your domestic angle this week. You’re capable of being highly efficient and productive right now, and though that may not sound terribly exciting to you, you’ll get peace of mind from crossing things off your to-do list. Research, personal conversations or a self-examining train of thought could hit a stumbling block of impatience. Slowing down and going into more depth will eventually pay off. With the sun moving into your beliefs house, your outlook begins to brighten as your horizons broaden. Your sense of life’s possibilities stirs, firing you up for travel, learning and fresh experiences. However, a feeling of loneliness, emptiness, longing or confusion over what’s realistic and what’s a pipe dream could dampen your enthusiasm. Push past it.




zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS
April 20–May 20
Fed by optimism, do something concrete this week to expedite your own happiness. Whether you need more romance, playtime or creative outlets to up the joy factor in your life, start by believing things can change, and then come up with an action step that will make a difference. Even though verbal Mercury is out of retrograde in your one-on-one angle, dialogues could get awkward if your subliminal impulses influence your words. Amicable Venus is in your philosophy house and harmonizing with stabilizing Saturn in your relationship zone now, so weigh your values and beliefs carefully, then share them honestly to build a solid rapport with someone. As the sun enters your sharing sector, you’ll begin to give even more energy to self-reflection and close relationships. Don’t be surprised if the sun’s encounter with unifying Neptune briefly reintroduces a yearning for symbiosis.




zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI
May 21–June 20
Getting stuff done around the house will reinforce positive self-esteem, as doer Mars in your domestic angle meshes with upbeat Jupiter in your worth sector this week. With Mars in the detail-oriented sign of Virgo and your ruling planet Mercury in your competence zone, you’re dead set on things being a certain way. But getting everyone on the same page isn’t necessary, and in fact, soliciting seamless teamwork has proven frustrating of late. Keep your head in the game, and don’t let unforeseen events or other people’s actions distract you. Mercury’s sync-up with intense Pluto suggests that pairing with one trustworthy partner or thoroughly investigating something solo are your best options for productivity now. The sun is crossing your relationship angle, shining a light on your one-on-one interactions, and although you’re not sure if you can rely on some people, others are worth extra effort.




zodiac sign illustrationCANCER
June 21–July 22
Your brain goes into overdrive this week when active Mars in your mindset zone hooks up with hopeful Jupiter in Cancer. With Jupiter retrograde, you may be starting to scale back if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew in the past five months. Now is a good time to think through what’s doable and what steps are necessary for accomplishing all that you want to. The sun is entering your tasks sector, increasing your daily busyness and giving you the impetus to do things well. Focus on managing your time better, improving your health and fitness and sharpening your skills. The sun squares off with hazy Neptune in your perspective house, temporarily making it harder to see how your current efforts will pay off. Although the reality of your daily life doesn’t match up with your ideals for the future yet, don’t let that deter you.




zodiac sign illustrationLEO
July 23–August 22
Make-it-happen Mars in your values zone clicks with generous Jupiter in your soul sector this week, calling for compassionate action that reflects what you stand for. Your sense of oneness with other living beings has been growing since Jupiter entered this part of your chart in June, and doing something tangible that demonstrates empathy will make you feel good while also doing good. Venus is in your service house, increasing the importance that you place on usefulness. When she clicks with responsible Saturn, ask yourself if your work is satisfying to the evolving, more mature you—and if not, what you want to do to change that. As the sun skips into your joy sector, much of your energy will go into expressing your identity through creativity, romance and play. You might overromanticize a close relationship, but don’t be afraid to open your heart.




zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO
August 23–September 22
Bold Mars in your sign forms a cooperative angle with auspicious Jupiter in your hopes-and-humanity sector this week, reminding you to have faith in your future goals and the network of people in your life who support your success. Mars symbolizes the action principle, so this planetary pairing invites you to take action based on said faith. Whether you network for your own benefit or do something philanthropic, you’ll reinforce an upbeat attitude and a belief in your own capabilities. Your ruler Mercury has an awkward encounter with unpredictable Uranus that could indicate a misunderstanding with someone close to you, but if you examine your intentions and express yourself honestly and with as much depth as you can muster, you’ll clear things up and restore a feeling of goodwill. The sun is diving to the bottom of your chart, emphasizing the need to attend to private feelings and your personal life.




zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA
September 23–October 22
Work behind the scenes to achieve a goal early in the week when diligent Mars in your seclusion sector dovetails with aspirational Jupiter in your ambition angle. Your confidence could be rattled by someone’s arbitrary actions or words, but knowing who you are and how far you’ve come will help you maintain your sense of personal power. Your mind is stimulated by the sun’s entry into your cognition zone, though you may be rather fuzzy on details for the time being. With Venus in your security house and clicking with disciplined Saturn in your priorities zone now, this is a great week to formulate a financial strategy that will help you to meet your needs and give you a stronger foundation. If your living situation isn’t what you want it to be, resolve to work hard, putting yourself in a position to change it.




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Love the doodle at the top!

xo, Juliette Laura

You don’t actuallly read or believe in horoscopes, right?
A quick google search on why it’s complete BS might be a good idea….


I know everyone loves how “accurate” these horoscopes are. Right up until my life turned into a nightmare I was a believer too. But funny how my horoscope never warned me that something truly awful was going to happen. And afterward I was so heartbroken and desperate I almost forked over $150 for a personal reading. I’m sure now that all my money would have bought me was some vague platitudes. I wish there was a way to predict the future and control one’s destiny but there isn’t.


If you don’t believe in astrology, fine, but why waste your breath posting about it here? It’s not like you’re going to change hearts and minds if that’s what you’re after. I, for the life of me, can’t understand why people go crazy over sporting events, but I don’t care enough about it to post my thoughts on a Raiders fan site. I think these are totally fun and I love reading them. It’s a nice break from my day job and school work. Also, not everyone comes to this looking for a way to control the future. If anything… Read more »


Actually it was comments saying “this is crap” that finally made me wise up about this website. It used to be about fashion tips and recipes. But more and more it’s about philosophy and spiritualism. Your raiders analogy would only really hold if this had always been an occult blog. But it used to be fashion tips and recipes. If all the horoscope can do is give a “general” truth in life it is no better than a magic 8 ball or a fortune cookie and yet there are people commenting about how eerily accurate the predictions are. You can’t… Read more »

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to other visitors that they will help, so here it takes place.