About A Girl: Meet Kristina

Dressed in platform shoes and a dark color palette, Kristina has a cool, unique, almost mysterious style that may possibly at first even seem intimidating to the untrained eye… But upon hearing not even two words from this girl, you’ll instantly know that she may just be one of the sweetest, most adorable people you’ll ever have the pleasure of encountering. Kristina is an assistant designer for woven tops and skirts here at home office, and her creativity flows way beyond the work she does for Free People.

Stepping into the home that she and her boyfriend Alan share – the treehouse, as they call it – you’re immediately immersed in a tucked-away world filled with treasures and creations. Dried flowers hang on multiple walls, and in every crevice you’ll find an interesting trinket or decoration carefully displayed among others alike – yet completely unalike, all at once. With lights in their eyes and smiles on their faces, these two will instantly make you feel welcome inside their beautiful, homey space.

Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Meet Cricket: the most adorable thing on this planet.Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

I love that Kristina tops her bed with a furry rug — a creative use for an everyday object.Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Kristina’s love for fashion is certainly evident inside her home. She has beautiful vintage dresses and tops displayed on the walls throughout.Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Free People Kristina Home

Kristina owns just one pair of shoes that isn’t black — girl knows what she likes!Free People Kristina Home

Kristina Questionnaire

Free People KristinaCuties.

Free People Kristina HomeSee more from our About A Girl series.

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What type of dog is cricket? He is adorable!!

What a lovely home, what a lovely girl. And Cricket! Adorable! :)


I love all the cute details in their home, especially the beautiful clothes hanging on the wall <3
xoxo Annejelina

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I love this !! Kristina – one of the sweetest around. Your place looks beautiful <3


Love Kristina! Her home matches her quirky and fun personality :)


As a bohemian goth, I love Kristina & her amazing style! I wanted to be Wednesday Addams as a kid too! I’m always anticipating the latest goth friendly item from FP. It’s the only store that appeals directly to my style. Mysticism, moons & luxurious black fabrics are what I live for!

Kristina and Alan are serious gems!!! I had the pleasure of babysitting Cricket when they were on vacation and he is just as sweet as his owners! He’s a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix!


Cricket is a miniature smooth dachshund, i have one called Alfie x


crickey is a dachshund chihuahua mix as jill said! thanks for all the love peeps xx

Cricket? ugh what an adorable name. Love her place. So inspired to add some new pieces to the apartment based off of this!