Holiday Catalog Behind The Scenes

Our November catalog is divided into 5 chapters, each representing a different element. For the air and earth segments, our catalog team headed all the way to Iceland to use its breathtaking landscape as the backdrop for these two elements. I always love looking through the behind-the-scenes photos from our catalog shoots, but this one especially had me in awe. I can’t get over how beautiful this country looks. From the white glaciers and pristine water to the moss covered hills, these photos make me want to be there. Now, have a look below!

Photos by Thomas Northcut.

man in boat

marth on the ice

people by the water

martha on beach


martha looking at water

bus in iceland

girls looking out of window

puppy running in the hills

girls standing on beach together

telephone wires

model on mossy hill

photographer in grass

iceland landscape

holding ice

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  1. If you ever want to take pictures of some spectacular views, New Zealand is a great place to go. It’s where The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit was shot. No green screen.

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