Holiday Sparkle: Interview With Our FP ONE Designer

There’s a beautiful holiday maxi-skirt/crop-top set on our site that has caught my eye, and I can’t seem to take my gaze off of it. Allow me to introduce to you the FP ONE Limited Edition Patchwork Set. Merrie is name of the designer behind this gorgeous set – as well as the entire FP ONE line. She’s a friendly, genuine woman with a warm smile, a positive attitude, and incredible talent. She’s a semi-rare sight at our home office, as she spends half of the year in India, and I always find myself wanting to know more about her and her designs. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to pick her brain a bit…

2 piece set

Above, our Merchandise Assistant in the FP ONE Limited Edition Patchwork Set.

For those who are not yet familiar with the label, can you tell us a little bit about FP ONE and what makes it so unique?

The love of tribal costume from around India is the basis of the FP ONE label. We try to bring a little bit of ethnic history into each style we design. An ancient crinkling technique, a screen print of an old hand knotted bandhani design, or the natural pucker of a hand loomed cotton — every garment has a detail that was invented centuries ago.

I always find myself being drawn to the beautiful textures and prints of the FP ONE collection. Do you find that these aspects are directly influenced by your surroundings?

Absolutely! I am lucky enough to live in India 6 months a year, which has a never ending “parade” of color, pattern, and texture. The variety and skill of the craftsmen in India is beyond compare to anywhere else I have ever traveled.

Skirt in movement

Blur image

I’m blown away by the beauty of this Limited Edition Patchwork Set. Did the design process include a lot of evolution, or is the final product a good representation of the initial idea you had in mind?

It evolved pretty easily. I started with our fall patchwork maxi and couldn’t resist using all my most decadent sequin, lace, and embroidery swatches in one super luxe version. The result was so special it reminded me of the Lehengas they wear in India to exotic wedding parties!

With all of its shine, this set feels absolutely perfect for the holiday season. Where do you envision it being worn? To a night out dancing? A romantic dinner date? An up-scale holiday party?

All of the above! I love how the sequins would shimmer in candlelight, and on the dance floor!

If this gorgeous set were a person, what would she be named?

Ashwaria, after the glamorous Bollywood movie star!

Skirt in motion

Explore the FP ONE collection online!

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Loved reading this and that skirt amazing!!

MacK @ SoulMakes | Blog

I think it would be amazing to live in India…she definitely has the best of both worlds and she gets to work for FP. WOW – you are one lucky and very talented chicky! I adore the FP one line…


Hey Brigette, can I get the email/phone contact of a representative of FP in India? I’d love to contribute at FP One as I live in India! I’d like to explore the possibilities, pls point me in the right direction! Thanks!