Lust Affair: Glass Pyramid Jewelry Box

There’s a new item on our site that I’ve been seriously lusting after. Behold: the Wonders Of The World Pyramid Box.

Pyramid box

Is it the magical pyramid shape? The beautiful hand-craftsmanship? The way the sunlight reflects gorgeously off every pane? There’s something about this precious glass box that just totally tugs at my heart. I love that it has so many uses. It could hold dried flowers, pieces of nature from the woods, tiny trinkets, little air plants… I could go on and on.

My favorite way to use this box would be to fill the bottom with dried moss and then just showcase some of my favorite jewelry – maybe one bracelet or a few stone rings. So simple, so delicate, so pretty.

Moss, pyramid, bracelet

Pyramid jewelry case, feather, bottle

This could be such a thoughtful gift to give someone, too. You could put in a little handwritten note along with a photo of you two, and some other memories you’ve shared together… like a time capsule of your friendship thus far.

Glass pyrmid time capsuleHow would you use this adorable glass box?

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10 years ago

This is seriously too beautiful. I think I would do something like in the 2nd from the bottom photo, too pretty!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

What a lovely little trinket holder!

10 years ago

I would use pebbles to make it look beachy, or dried flowers. Ooh, or rosemary so it always smells nice.

10 years ago

This is so cute! Where can you purchase the pyramids?

10 years ago

Oh, what a great little trinket! I have a friend that would absolutely LOVE this for Christmas. Do you know where I could buy this?

10 years ago

love this pyramid box…so pretty…

10 years ago

It’s funny that your lusting over this at the moment because I just seen this cute pyramid yesterday and fell in love with it.

It’s so beautiful. Perfect holiday gift too :)

10 years ago

Lovely! This is so cute and versatile.

10 years ago

I had something like this for my wedding rings!

9 years ago

lusting after a pyramid so bad now!

xox karina

9 years ago

So pretty! I would like to find these to buy in bulk.