Music We Love: The Staves

When I stumbled upon this trio of sisters from England… I confess, I played “Longrun” back to back (and back again). I played it in the mornings, in the afternoons, in the evenings… pretty sure this folk riff was even added to my workout playlist. How I know I truly love a song? I never ever tire of it. These three women have the capacity to woo you in any mood, to calm your senses and make you feel entirely happy and peaceful. Charming, beautiful, humble… do yourself a favor and take 7 minutes out of your day, press play, close your eyes. Breathe.

Emily, Jessica, Camilla… thank you.

The Staves- Wood & Wires from Wood & Wires on Vimeo.

“Lying, a dreamer dreaming beside me
The city sirens keep me awake
I know I’ll see you again in the long run…

… But we can’t be lovers ’cause I’m still afraid
Of leaving the things I love dearly”

the staves


Photos from The Staves

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10 years ago

I love the Staves! Their song ‘Facing West’ is so beautiful I could listen to it for hours.

10 years ago


10 years ago

love this.xx.

10 years ago

Thank you for this! I just got their album and it’s the best.

10 years ago

My favorite song from them is Winter Trees. You have to see the music video for that song! :))

10 years ago

Amazing and timeless. I love them.

10 years ago

Instantly hooked

10 years ago

I cried…

5 years ago

What Inspired you to write “Long Run”?