Office Style: Unique Touches

I’m always amazed at all of the unique styles here at home office. Sometimes, I’ll walk around and have to stop people and question where they acquired a piece of clothing or jewelry they have on because it’s so eye catching. This week, I found some girls that had a touch of something unique within their outfits. From neon skirts to alligator shirts, have a look at these different styles below!

alligator shirt

When I saw Mackenzie in this crazy alligator shirt, I had to stop and take her picture. Those sheer sleeves are awesome with the graphic!

ring details

red hat and leopard hat

leopard hat

red shoes

I really like the color palette of Simone’s outfit. The leopard beanie and red shoes look cool with her black and denim look.

plaid shirt and ripped jeans

quartz necklace

Hanna handmade this amazing necklace, and the crystal matches her lavender dyed hair!

neon skirt

Anika styled a neon pink skirt with a black sweater and leggings, then added in some cool-weather accessories to make this bright color wearable in the fall.

black boots and some socks

winter layered look

layered look detail

Naomi pulled off the layered look perfectly. The yellow cardigan brings out the floral print in her skirt, and looks great against her blue jacket and t-shirt!

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Wow, I love the first and fourth boots. Actually, all the shoes were really great this week.

Love the lavender hair. You girls are always dressed so cute =)
<3 Annejelina

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terri roberts

Got to love free peep office style…cute models…so natural