Blogger Diary: Asheville Weekend

Remember the days when it seemed that everyone you needed was just a few doors away? When your family members were the first people you saw when you woke up in the morning, and the last before going to sleep? When a day without seeing your best friends was impossible, because even if you shared no classes at all, you’d be sure to run into them in the hallway? Read More

Jewelry Gift Packaging Inspiration

I always love giving jewelry as a gift. Maybe it’s cliché, but I always feel like it comes from the heart… giving someone you love a beautiful adornment to wear on their body; something to keep forever; something to remind them of the relationship you share. Read More

Ayurveda Journal, Week 5: Finding My Way

Upon first meeting Lilavati, she told me that she feels that every woman who is meant to be at Temple of the Lotus will somehow find her way there. While my original intention that day was to find out what Lilavati and the temple were all about so that I could share an inspiring story on the blog… it quickly became clear that my presence there was so much more. Read More