Blogger Diary: The Wisdom Of Insecurity

I did something last week that I rarely do.  I took a vacation — a whole week off, with no plans.  Well, the only plans were to drive to my beach house, where I would spend the week relaxing, taking long beach strolls, reading, writing, and just being.  Life is funny…it always has other plans. Read More

Faces of San Francisco: Street Style

San Francisco is a city seeped in history. The Beat generation, the Summer of Love, a city that drew the counterculture to live and create freely and openly. People that don’t live in San Francisco think of these images; hippies, the Haight, the free spirited individual… but what you really see when you walk the city (only 7 miles x 7 miles) is the beautiful diversity of people and their own stories. There is no “book” or “rule of thumb” when it comes to pinpointing a style of San Francisco. The faces here are a beautiful array of beauty and love, of happy people that feel blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Read More

Exciting FP Me News: Introducing Inspiration Pics!

We are so excited to introduce Inspiration Pics to FP Me! This amazing new feature allows FP Me users to upload lifestyle imagery that doesn’t contain Free People product to their FP Me accounts. As a lifestyle brand, every time we introduce a new trend we think about it in all aspects — mood, music, places, landscapes, decor, and even food can come to mind when thinking about a certain trend. The Inspiration Pics are a way to bring all of these elements together in a stream of inspiring imagery — digital mood boards generated by YOU. Read More

Embroidery Hoop Art From Etsy

I’ve always been drawn to circles and ovals, much more than any angled shapes. There’s something about a rounded shape that just feels pleasant – like an antique lace doily that, whenever you see it, brings the comfort of knowing you’re home. I didn’t even realize hoop art was a thing until just recently. But it most definitely is a thing, and now I’m in love. Read More