Star Light, Star Bright

The first week of November sings a special song; A lilty,whimsical tune that shines light in the air and love to the heart. This song brings the rhythm of all things good… of family, of gathering… of doing for others instead of oneself… of reflection.

Dear friends, it’s time for the slow down. Holidays officially come after Halloween… ready or not… like clockwork, your body wakes after the hallows of Oct 31st… and suddenly, a most particular vibe is amongst us. November’s first day’s sun may still shine bright, but her winds deliver the beginnings of winter’s messages. While still a mere soft whisper, it ruffles our innate instinct to start the gathering inward. Spending our shorter days in light wisely, we bring our creativity inside…. and the inward thinking and nesting for the cold months to come begin.

This particular month carries thoughts of finding an old cabin in the woods and filling it with loved ones.  A place where TVs are absent, phones are turned off, and cameras that aren’t instant are brought out to capture the hazy emotions of warmth, of home. Fathers splitting wood, babies laughing aloud to crazy Aunts’ antics, and you… you sit and take it all in. Feeling blessed to be part of such a crazy beautiful group of individuals, seeing parts of yourself in each family member, yet so standalone in your very own individual self.

Soak up every moment of this month’s light of glow. Inhale to sweet smells of wood burning fireplaces and home roasted meals. Dance with the sounds of laughter and peaceful togetherness.  This month we honor what we are most thankful for… each day, every day, show your thanks to those you love, and those you have yet to know.

Much love.


Star Light Star Bright

FP New Romantics Sweet Nothings Dress

02 (1)


Late Summer Love DressExaggerated Bib NecklaceTruemay Lace Up Boot

Star Light Start Bright


Sweet As Candy CropMenswear Florence WidelegPatton Porkpie HatRosary Locket


Geo Fringe Hooded CardiganHoneycomb Thigh High



FP ONE Golden Age TopLow Rise Relaxed SkinnyEzmeralda Belt

36 Winter Story Sweater LeggingOutlined High Low Cami

Photography: Annie Edmonds

Hair and Makeup: Emily Nickrent

Model: Delany @ Ford


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10 years ago

Love the starburst top and leggings!

10 years ago

Thank you to miss Amy for always putting such beautifull words to our vision. You inspire me everyday to stop and take it all in. Much love my dear friend, much love.

10 years ago

This is beautifully written.

10 years ago

Thank you for these words, a beautiful reminder for this month.

10 years ago

That white keyhole top is amazing.


10 years ago

Oh wow, that description is beautiful, and the clothes are even more beautiful! I am obsessed with that dress in the first photos!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

This is an incredible post, the model is beautiful and the images are just breathe taking!

10 years ago

such wonderful, dear-hearted insights you brought to our almost-winter light! only by reading I already feel cozier and happier.
thanks for sharing. <3

10 years ago

All I can say is TOP!!! The pictures and clothes are just amazing!

9 years ago

I love the necklace that the model in the last image is wearing .. can you please share the link on your site from where I can buy the necklace

Love Rebecca