Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

There is something so exciting about heading home for the holidays. Thanksgiving is always the first time I return home after many months of being away. The enticing warmth of home keeps me going through the long months leading up to the end of November. On the car ride home, my thoughts are always filled with the anticipation of gathering with family and friends. When I pack my bag for Thanksgiving weekend I make sure to bring with me staple items that will keep me warm and cozy amongst all of the get-togethers and nights out. However, I also always make sure to bring with me items that represent my best self. When you walk into your old, favorite coffee shop or head to the local neighborhood pub you never know who you’re going to run into…old friends, relatives not seen in years, and of course… long lost loves. It is essential that you feel comfortable, while also confident. Check out what I’m bringing with me in my suitcase…

Above is a casual look for daytime. A pair of jeans and a comfy sweater, topped off with a great pair of boots, is all you need for running around town and picking up last minute ingredients for cooking!

Get the look: Elle Mid Rise Skinny, Fuzzy Fairisle Pullover, Truemay Lace Up Boot, Leather Band Brimmed Hat

thanksgiving outfit

I love pairing a form-fitting dress with thigh highs and and a wool coat for a fun nighttime look, while adding a pair of low ankle boots to dress the outfit down.

Get the look: Fp X Sweet N Spicy Bodycon, Wooly Toggle Coat, Jewel Crossbody, Cozy Sweater Tall Sock, Cast & Crew Ankle Boot


  1. love your looks…I normally just layer and layer…with leggings. especially right now with all this snow and it still coming down…Happy Thanksgiving FP <3

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