Tuxedo Girl Inspired Nail Art

I’ve always been drawn to triangles. The geometry of them is pleasing and equalizing. I think when it comes to nail art, adding in a triangle is one of the simplest, yet most visually pleasing tricks you can do. A while back when I was out getting a manicure, I opted to leave my nail base natural, but asked to have a little black triangle drawn at the base of each nail by the cuticle. This has been one of my favorite nail designs, so I was inspired to try it on my own, all while tying in some elements from our recent lookbook — Tuxedo Girl.

tuxedo nails in sky

Adding in some shine with chrome on top of black, read on to learn how I made my nails Tuxedo Girl ready.

nail supplies

What you need:

Chrome nail polish

Black nail polish




painting thumb black

Step one:

Apply two coats of black polish to all of your nails and let dry completely.

tape cutout

Step two:

Remove a piece of tape, and using your scissors, cut a tiny triangle shape in from the edge.

tape on nail

Step three: 

Stick the tape down at the base of your nail, forming a triangle with the edge of your cuticle.

silver paint

Step four:

Taking the chrome nail polish, paint over the marked-out triangular area. The tape will protect the chrome from getting on the rest of the nail. Carefully remove the tape once the area is covered.  Repeat steps three and four on all of your nails.

tiny dot

Step five:

On the middle nail, I added two little dots of chrome nail polish to mimic a tuxedo. You can do this by dipping a toothpick into the polish, then carefully making two small dots on the nail.

tuxedo nails

Step six: 

Allow nails to dry, and you’re all finished!

tuxedo girl nails and clutch

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7 years ago

Loving these! Although I would probably mess everything up if I’d do them myself :D!


7 years ago

This would be super cute for New Years! Love your rings too <3
xoxo Annejelina

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This is adorable…but those rings are to die for!!


7 years ago

I love it, it’s a nail art that I probably actually can do! :)


7 years ago
7 years ago

nail art is looking very beautiful

7 years ago